Press Conference Highlights: Colts

See what Jim Caldwell, Bob Sanders, Jacob Lacey and Kelvin Hayden had to say following Sunday's 42-6 win over St. Louis inside ...

Head coach Jim Caldwell

On the game:

"We certainly feel that we played pretty well. Obviously, we had some rough spots there in the game a little bit, but the great thing about it that these guys prepare well, they practice hard, the play hard and it shows. I think it showed today. The other great thing is that they will take this and celebrate for a short period and get right back to work. Overall, I think we did most things pretty well. We ran the ball decently, we were able to move the ball when we had the opportunities, we did get stalled a couple of times. Defensively, early in the game, specifically the first half, I think we did a good job of stopping the run. You have to give them a lot of credit that big strong back (Steven Jackson) is very difficult to handle. He got loose on us in the second half and I am certain he had some pretty big numbers. He is a guy who can certainly be overpowering and one that can dominate the game as well.

Defensively, we had a lot of take-a-ways and the two interceptions were big. DB Jacob Lacey's interception and score was big. Overall, I think our kicking game was solid. But the good thing about it is that we have a lot of room to improve. We have a lot of work to do, but that is what it is all about.

On DB Bob Sanders' return:

"I thought he was getting a good sense of things. I thought he was moved around well, he got about 25 plays or so. I thought he looked pretty good."

On the injury of RB Donald Brown:

"I am not sure how extensive it is, I know he had a shoulder (injury) but hopefully he will be ok."

On the Lacey interception for a touchdown:

"I never think that you are out of the woods in the business, especially with teams as explosive as they are. With WR Donnie Avery still out there on the field and QB Marc Bulger still out there you still have a lot of weapons. So I never think we are quite out of the woods until we are inside of one minute. In this particular case, I think our guys did create a little cushion for us and turn the game around."

On the development of rookie RB Donald Brown:

"Donald has done something that I think is highly unusual with young guys, he continues to improve. Often times you will see them plateau a little bit and he hasn't done that yet. So he is working extremely hard, he is learning the system pretty well. It is important, especially for a young player that you show some improvement each week and he does that. During his pass catching or his route running or in his carries, he continues to do a great job and continues to get better."

SS Bob Sanders

On him returning to the field:

Everything looks good, it has been a long time since I played a game and not had any trouble."

On if he was nervous to be back:

"One of the coaches asked, are you nervous? I said, no. I have been playing football along time, so it is not nerve racking. I was more excited than anything. It was about time that I started feeling good and was back doing what I love to do."

On his first hit against Steven Jackson:

"That was the first hit I had, had since last year. He is big, fast, strong (running) back. It was a good test for us today, and they ran well today. They are a good team and they have some star players. We played good today."

On the flea-flicker at the beginning of the game:

"It was a good play by them. They knew what defense we were going to be in and they knew that the defense we were in the safeties are up for the run. We still have to react and make sure we are in the right position."

CB Jacob Lacey

On his celebration being pre-planned:

"I would like to say it was spontaneous, but I had it planned. I was telling my brother that on my first touchdown I am going to slide like I slid into home plate."

On if he was surprised to get flagged on his slide:

"I was surprised. I didn't know that you couldn't go down to the ground and get back up. It is what it is, my first one (touchdown) I will take that."

On the play of the team overall:

"We are playing really good, especially the offense. I think the defense is coming around pretty good. We were able to shutdown the run a little bit today, even though they got a couple breaks towards the end. I felt like we made some improvements in that area and the pass defense is getting better."

On possibly over-looking a team:

"I think we give each opponent the same amount of respect that we are going to be the hunters and not the hunted. So we keep that motto a lot and coach (Jim Caldwell) does a good job preaching that to us. We know that every week is the same week. You have to prepare, practice hard, and get ready to play."

CB Kelvin Hayden

On being back on the field:

"It felt good. It has been three weeks and I just wanted to go out there and play fast and have fun. It did feel good, though."

On his neck injury:

"The neck feels alright. I got a little stinger, but it is what it is."

On Bob Sanders being back and it being the same old defense:

"It is just guys going out there doing their job. I mean guys out there having fun, flying around and making plays when your number is called. We are clicking right now."

On if the players could hear the Colts fans:

"It kind of felt like a home game a little bit. When we made some plays on third downs you did hear the crowd roar a little bit. It was good that our fans did make the trip."

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