Colts Curtail Celebration After Record Win

Having an NFL-record 22 consecutive victories can sap a guy's strength. So can winning 114 games in a decade. Just ask Peyton Manning. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback, along with most of his teammates, opted not to go overboard with any type of celebration after Sunday's 28-16 win over the Denver Broncos.

In fact, when a team has as much success as the Colts have had in recent years, they've learned to look at the big picture. And that's the next game, which is scheduled for Thursday night in Jacksonville.

"It's kind of hard to celebrate when you have a Thursday (night) game. We can probably celebrate for about three or four hours (Sunday night) and that's about it. We have to start getting ready for Jacksonville," Manning said after leading Indianapolis to its 13th win of the season.

"I really didn't reflect upon (setting the league mark for consecutive wins) until (team owner) Mr. (Jim) Irsay was speaking to us after the game. He kind of encouraged the team to reflect.

"There is no question that is a lot of wins in a decade. You do think about all the players that have been here. A lot of them aren't here, a majority of those guys aren't here anymore. So many players and I can't start naming names or I'll leave someone out. So many players have played a huge role. So many coaches that have played a huge role. Some of those aren't here as well. I have always learned never to take winning for granted. When you think about how many we won in those 10 years, you take a minute to think about it. It does kind of get you. It is a bunch (of wins). I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into those wins."

Manning would like to play as much as possible against the Jaguars. After that, who knows?

"I would like to play against Jacksonville. Every player can't help it because you get asked about it a lot. But it truly has been one game at a time (for the Colts this season). Thursday's game, being against Jacksonville, a division game. It is a short week. You don't have time to think about anything else except getting ready to play. That is kind of where my preparation is at this point," Manning said.

"I think whatever plan Coach (Jim) Caldwell gives us, that will be the right plan because that is what he decides and we will carry out."

TRENDING: While the Colts ran for just 92 yards in 28 attempts against the Broncos, RB Joseph Addai averaged 4.2 yards per carry. Addai has rushed for 729 yards on 197 carries this season and has a team-leading nine rushing touchdowns.

LINEUP WATCH: RB Mike Hart has played well the last two weeks. Hart was signed back to the Colts' active roster prior to the Tennessee game and has provided Indianapolis with some much needed power running in short-yardage situations. Hart had a 2-yard run for a key first down on the Colts' final scoring drive of the Denver game. He was able to outrun defenders to the corner and then lean in for the needed yardage to pick up the first down.

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