Wayne Ready for Return Trip to "Revis Island"

Reggie Wayne knows all about New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. After all, he already faced Revis in the Indianapolis Colts' next-to-last game of the regular season.

"It was an adventure on Revis Island, I guess," Wayne said jokingly after being asked about his initial experience with the runner-up for the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award.

The Colts wide receiver had three catches for 33 yards in about three quarters of work. There were also a couple of plays where Wayne and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning failed to connect when they had opportunities.

They, along with several other offensive and defensive starters, were pulled from the game with about five minutes remaining in the third quarter.

But heading into Sunday's AFC Championship Game with the Jets, both Manning and Wayne know that they'll have to make those plays count and not leave them out on the field.

"It was fun. One thing about Revis is he's going to challenge you. He's going to make you play your best. That's all you can ask for. I accept that challenge. I feel like he's one of the best (cornerbacks in the league). He's going to make me play at my best, so it's going to be exciting," Wayne said.

"Now, we've got a whole game to play each other. May the best man win."

Revis had a team-leading six interceptions during the regular season while often covering the opposing team's best receiver. Since the start of the postseason, he's added two more interceptions.

"He (Revis) plays football. He understands the game. He understands (pass) routes. He understands combinations. That comes with just watching film and just understanding the game. It's nothing out of the ordinary," Wayne said.

"It's just that he's a student of the game and understands what's going on and what's coming at him. You have to put your best foot forward when you are playing against him or he'll get the best of you."

Manning is sure to be aware of Revis and where he lines up (and who he lines up against).

"I can't tell you how it's going to dictate (where the Colts pass the ball). I can tell you he's an excellent player and he's had an excellent season. He's made a lot of plays and has defended a lot of passes. He seems to find a way to get his hands on the ball," the Colts quarterback said.

"You can tell (that the Jets coaches and players) have a lot of confidence in him, as they should, because he's a highly talented cover guy. How that affects where we throw the ball, I'll probably have to wait until Sunday to tell you that."

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