Press Conference Roundup

Straight from the owners, coaches and players to you, we're bringing you nearly every word uttered to the media this week. Check here to find out what Sunday's key figures had to say all week!

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Tuesday, Feb. 2


Freeney: Pretty Much Day-to-Day
Caldwell: One Game at a Time
Manning: This Game is About Two Great Teams
Irsay: Take Advantage of the Opportunity


Payton: A Big Week in Front of Us
Brees: They're Coming With All Their Weapons
Williams: Bam, Bam, Bam Goes Manning

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Wednesday, Feb. 3


Wayne: Live the Moment
Caldwell: Our Job is to Get Ready
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Shockey: Glad to Play in This One
Bush: It's About This Game, Not the Contract

Thursday, Feb. 4


Addai: It Always Comes Down to Winning
Caldwell: The Hay is Not in the Barn


Payton: You Have to Have an Attitude
Ayodele: The Colts Can Run the Ball

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