NFL Draft Q&A: RB Ben Tate

After finishing fifth all-time in career rushing at Auburn, Ben Tate is ready to move on to the NFL. Find out how he's preparing for the NFL Combine, why he believes an NFL team should use a high draft pick to acquire him, and much more in this exclusive interview with's Ed Thompson.

Ben Tate answers additional questions in this three-minute audio clip exclusively for subscribers. Tate talks about being named his team's MVP for 2009, the change that was a key to his success last year, how his Senior Bowl experience helped prepare him for the NFL, and more:

Ed Thompson: You've demonstrated your ability as a power runner, rolling for 1,362 yards during your senior year, the fourth-best single-season record in Auburn's history. How do you think your entire package of skills will help you be successful at the next level?

Ben Tate: I think my skills are going to translate well.  I'm a little bigger back, I do have the strength, yet at the same time, I have the speed to get around the corner.  I had quite a few long runs this year--and playing in the SEC, that's the hardest conference, so it doesn't get much harder than that--so I definitely think that will translate into me doing well in the NFL. 

Thompson: You're a very well-rounded back. You also finished in the top ten all-time for all-purpose yards at Auburn.

Tate: That's news to me, but that shows my ability to be a complete back.  I can return some kicks, I can catch the ball pretty well, I can do it all. That just proves that most people don't really see or know I'm a complete back until you sit back and look at the numbers.  I think it definitely helps prove my point that I'm one of the most complete backs coming into this draft.

Thompson: Your consistency last year also jumped out at me. You posted six 100-yard rushing games during your senior season.

Tate: I definitely think consistency is the key.  It's great to have big games here and there, but if you're constantly giving those 100-yard games, your team can definitely benefit from that.  So maybe a 100-yard game here, a 260-yard game there, that's great. But doing it consistently, I think that's even better.

Tate has the speed to break away for a big gain on the outside.
George C. Cox/Getty Images

Thompson: Where are you preparing for the NFL Combine, and how's it been going?

Tate: I'm working out down in Miami with Pete Bommarito of Bommarito Performance.  It's going really well. The time is getting pretty close, I'm working my butt off, and if I put up the numbers I'm putting up now when I get to the Combine, I'll be pretty excited.

Thompson: You weighed in at 214 pounds at the Senior Bowl> Are you trying to trim down or add weight before the Combine?

Tate: Actually, when I was weighed at the Senior Bowl I was feeling kind of sick the night before, so I really didn't eat or drink to much. So I was feeling a little light.  But I expect to weigh in about two pounds heavier and definitely not any lighter than 214 pounds.

Thompson: While you're in Indianapolis, if an NFL teams asks you why they should use a high draft pick on Ben Tate, what are you going to tell them?

Tate: I'm a good guy with good character--and I'm an even better football player. My numbers show I've always been productive. I don't plan on changing, and I feel I'm the most complete back in this draft class.

Thompson: I saw you have both a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Talk about what kind of fun you're having and what  you hope to accomplish through those two social media outlets.

Tate: Definitely just looking to keep my fan base updated and keep gaining fans.  I'm having fun with my Facebook page. I just recently started it down here.  I'm going to be giving fans updates on how I'm doing, how my day's going, and I'll also do some exclusive interviews with some of the players I'm working out with.  I'm working out with some pretty high-rated guys, so I'm hoping to provide the fans with some things maybe they don't know about the Carlos Dunlaps and the Jason Pierres.

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