Manning Undergoes Neck Procedure

With the offseason underway, Colts QB Peyton Manning underwent a small procedure yesterday to clear up a nagging injury. Get the details inside ...

The Indianapolis Colts released the following statement today:

"Peyton Manning yesterday underwent a procedure to relieve pain in his neck caused by a pinched nerve. This condition has existed intermittently for the past four years, but at no time did it interfere with his training, practice or playing regimen. While it never has affected Peyton's activity on or off the field, the Colts' medical staff, after post-playoff examination, thought it best to resolve the situation now.

"The procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Fessler in Chicago. Peyton had only an overnight stay in the hospital and is on his way home. All medical personnel involved believe the issue has been resolved. Peyton fully expects to participate in the Colts' off-season program this Spring.

"This statement reflects the facts and views of Peyton, the Colts' medical staff and the Club. Consequently, we will have no further comment."

QUICK ANALYSIS: While this announcement was certainly unexpected, it's not surprising this is the first time the public has heard of Manning's neck injury, considering how normally secretive the team is about injury situations.

That said, there's probably nothing for fans to be worried about. It sounds like this was a relatively minor procedure, and the fact that Manning has been bothered on and off for the past four years — while putting up back-to-back MVP seasons in 2008 and 2009 — seems to indicate that it didn't effect his play negatively in the past. And, if the procedure was indeed a success, it shouldn't be a problem going forward.

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