Colts Get Rookies' Attention at Meeting

The Indianapolis Colts got the attention of their first-year players at the beginning of a recent team meeting. The Colts conducted a three-day mini-camp last week for the team's rookies, which included eight draftees and 16 undrafted free agents.

Middle linebacker Gary Brackett and quarterback Peyton Manning — Indianapolis' defensive and offensive captains — took charge early and stressed the importance of being prepared for each practice.

"It was a great moment. Obviously Peyton and Gary did a tremendous job with (the rookies). They have done things the right way around here. They're also guys that are very, very accomplished in what they do. I think it was a unique moment for those guys," coach Jim Caldwell related.

"You could kind of see them sit up in their seats when the two of them walked in. It was great. What those two guys do is set a great standard for us. I'm glad they were able to communicate that with the young guys."

The idea for Manning and Brackett to speak came from the two veteran Colts players themselves.

"It was actually something they wanted to do on their own. They looked at the situation and said, 'Hey, coach do you mind if we come and talk a little bit? Give them from our vantage point what we expect.'" the Indianapolis coach said.

"When you have a veteran-laden team like we do, one of the things you can't be is afraid to allow them to speak their minds and to take on a position of leadership as well. It was a great thing."

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