Cowboys remains winless

Jay Cutler threw three touchdowns to lead the surprising Chicago Bears past the Dallas Cowboys Sunday afternoon at Texas Stadium, 27-20.

With Tony Romo looking less than average and nothing working on the ground, the Dallas offense came to a grinding halt for the second consecutive week.

And the end result was the same - a loss. An ugly loss.

The Cowboys surprisingly abandoned the running game early, forcing Romo to the air 51 times. Marion Barber had just five rushes for 27 yards in the first quarter, then four for 4 yards the rest of the game.

Felix Jones had 7 yards on seven carries as Dallas finished with 36 yards on 20 carries.

And while Romo threw for 374 yards he also had two interceptions. Kicker David Buehler looked out of sorts when he badly pulled a 44-yard field goal and Roy Williams lost a fumble fighting for extra yards later on.

There were mistakes everywhere that cost the Cowboys in this game and it left everybody scratching their heads afterwards.

Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett said it all boils down to one simple thing - execution.

"Absolutely. Our guys are playing hard but it's not quite as clean as it needs to be right now in all areas. We are going to work to get that rectified. There were some good things that happened in this game. Obviously there were too many things that were not good. On individually plays and throughout the ball game.

"We are going to look at it and go back and address it on an individual basis and try to look at some other things to make us better. But the approach and the effort has been good by our players. We just have to clean things up and execute better."

The Bears struck first has Robbie Gould converted a 38-yard field goal with 7:31 remaining in the opening quarter before the lone Dallas bright spot quickly emerged.

Rookie receiver Dez Bryant responded with a 62-yard punt return for a touchdown, briefly breathing life into the crowd on hand at Cowboys Stadium.

But the Bears would respond by closing the first half on a 17-7 run, including a 39-yard scoring strike from Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen, and a nine-yarder to Devin Hester.

"We knew we were going to get their best punch early," Cutler said. "They were coming off a tough loss and wanting to put a good showing here at home. We had to ride the wave a little bit, we emptied it out a few times got them to settle down, and hit Greg over the middle on a busted coverage.

"So once we started attacking them a little more we settled down in some."

Bears head coach Lovie Smith called it a "signature game."

"We just made plays throughout," he said. "We've been saying what we are, which is a good football team, but you have to get wins to validate that."

Romo finished the game 34 of 51 for 374 yards and a 1-yard touchdown pass to rookie fullback Chris Gronkowski. Miles Austin caught 10 passes for 142 yards.

But obviously, none of that was nearly enough to lift the Cowboys to their first win of the season.

"This next game is the most important game for us, we have to go back on this one and correct our mistakes," head coach Wade Phillips said.

"What it came down to is they made the plays and we didn't. We had some opportunities where we didn't make plays, three turnovers to none. We had what I thought was a real strong rush early, later on we didn't rush quite as well I didn't think. We made some plays but we gave up some plays.

"The game could certainly go either way but when a team gets three turnovers and the other doesn't get any that makes the difference."

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