Phillips Postgame Press Conference

Dallas head coach talks with the media after Sunday's disappointing setback.

Opening statement: What it came down to is they made the plays and we didn't. We had some opportunities where we didn't make plays, three turnovers to none. We had what I thought was a real strong rush early, later on we didn't rush quite as well I didn't think. We made some plays but we gave up some plays. Third and fifteen it really hurt us, that and of course the missed field goal and we were going to tie the game up. I think we just had a let down there, went out on the field after the missed field goal with our heads down and we can't do that. The game could certainly go either way but when a team gets three turnovers and the other doesn't get any that makes the difference.

On how important the next game is: This next game is the most important game for us, we have to go back on this one and correct our mistakes.

On what message did you give the team after the game: That's really between us except we have to stay together; we can't move the ball, we can't play defense, we can't do those things and we can't play special teams, we have to put it all together.

On the consistency of the offense: We need to run the ball better and that would have helped us, obviously our passing game, they didn't sack us one time the whole game, I'm sure his (Tony Romo) average was big and we didn't score enough.

On what adjustments did they make to slow down the pass rush: Not much, the quarterback started getting rid of the ball a little quicker, we knew he was going to run around and we thought he did a good job of that. We had 2 sacks and 2 more sack that we had roughing the passer on that negated a couple of big plays for us.

On his frame of mind on David Buehler: We want him to make them all, he missed another one but he also came back and made the one at the end that we had to have. We are kind of in between right now.

On Chicago's big plays: That's what we try to pride ourselves on. Our goal going into the game was not to give up big plays with those guys because that's what they've done previously, that guy (Jay Cutler) has a big arm and they've got some real speed. One of them they threw short and made a big play but their back and two wide receivers can really fly.

Overall on the defense: They did some good things, I don't want to take anything away from them, but third and fifteen there's no excuse for that and there's not excuse not to cover everybody on a blitz. Those two big plays were my fault for not getting us ready to make those plays.

On Tony Romo throwing behind the receivers: I don't know, overall he obviously had a good game throwing the football. I'm sure he and I would like to have a few more, he made some great throws, I wish he could make all good throws.

On the offensive line passing protection: I thought we protected the quarterback pretty well, they hit us a couple times on blitzes but we need to get rid of the ball on those. I thought his protection was pretty good.

On the offensive line run blocking: We got hit in the backfield too many times, we are a team, at least we weren't in the past, had a lot of negative plays in the running game, we had too many this game.

On his faith in David Buehler: I don't have a great faith but the guy made one at the end that we had to have for us to get back in the game, and it was a longer one then the one he missed. He hit them great in pre-game, he didn't miss one and I thought he was hitting the ball really well. They had a heck of a rush too, I'm not sure he didn't see the rush on the first one, they have two guys that have blocked a lot of field goals and I think they had more of a rush then what we wanted.

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