The Update's Mock Draft (Round #1)

Last year we told you that the Cowboys would draft someone in the secondary in the first round after trading down, and we also called the Cowboys taking Antonio Bryant in the 2nd round. What will they do this year? Details inside!

This offseason for the Dallas Cowboys has once again proven to be a huge success. The signing of Terry Glenn at wide receiver is the most noteworthy transaction of the offseason, yet the adddition of several other players, including Dan Campbell, Al Singleton, and even Donald Mitchell will go a long way in helping bring this team back to respectability.

And now that the Cowboys now done with free agency, (at least done before the draft) it's time to focus in on the most important needs headed into April 26th at Madison Square Garden.

Here are just some of the needs we've already identified:

1) A true shutdown cornerback- we said the same thing a year ago this time and nothing has changed since that point. Donald Mitchell was a nice acquisition, but there's little doubt that the cornerback position will be a main target by the Cowboys in this year's draft.

2) A mammouth offensive lineman. Bill Parcells likes them big, and he likes them strong- especially on the offensive line. Guard and Center remain the two positions in most need of an upgrade, and he'll take care of those concerns this April.

3) A running back- once again don't fool yourself any longer about Troy Hambrick. Sure, he may have the opportunity to prove his worth this season, but it won't come without some serious competition from someone else- and that someone else appears to be coming from this year's draft.

4) More help, and clearly more depth on the defensive line. Does that include Arizona State's Terrell Suggs? Probably not. Defensive tackle appears to be a larger concern right now for the coaching staff and Suggs doesn't excactly fit that mold.

With that being said, we firmly believe that the Cowboys will go in one of two directions once they go on the clock with the 5th overall selection in this year's draft.

There's little doubt that the Cowboys' first pick will go to either a cornerback or an offensive lineman. As we get closer to draft itself, this answer will likely become a little more clear, but for now, we maintain the offensive line remains Bill Parcells' biggest concern.

Round 1 - Utah's OT Jordan Gross
First things first, there's little doubt that the Cowboys are going to do one thing with their first round selection this year. You got it- they are going to trade down.

Trading down enables the Cowboys to pick up additional picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and Bill Parcells would love to fill up his roster with speedy rookies looking to take over for crafty veterans that may have already worn out their welcome.

With that being said, there are several targets being eyed by the Cowboys in the early-to-mid first round, which we believe is where the Cowboys will end up after trading the #5 pick.

How far they'll actually fall is unclear at this point. It could be another situation like last year where it's only 2 or 3 picks, or it could be farther down the ladder, pending which teams show the most interest once the Cowboys go on the clock.

Whatever the case maybe, there are two, and maybe even three players that appear to be favorites of the organization right now.

Terence Newman is a name that is obviously headlining everyone's draft day wish list (including mine). Washington State's Marcus Trufant is also coveted by the Cowboys (among other teams), and Utah offensive lineman Jordan Gross is viewed as a first round caliber prospect as well.

And that brings us to the question on everyone's mind. Who will it be? Who will the Cowboys draft with their first overall selection this year?

Your wait is over, because we believe it will be none other than K-State's Terence Newman.

We will continue to look at the upcoming NFL draft on Monday with our analysis on rounds 2 and 3 in the coming days.

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