'Boys fall to Titans

A disappointing season took a turn for the worse Sunday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys spent the last two weeks talking about building momentum from their victory against the Texans and getting on a roll.

Now they are trying to win just one game.

A 34-27 loss to the Titans on Sunday has the Cowboys back into a hole and back to being desperate heading into Minnesota next week.

It was supposed to be rematch and revenge game from last year's divisional playoff blowout loss to the Vikings, but the Cowboys don't have any time or energy to worry about last year.

They have plenty of problems in 2010 to worry about.

One month into a season that began with them talking about making a Super Bowl run, the Cowboys are 1-3 and trying not to fall apart.

Quarterback Tony Romo said it's almost surreal that the Cowboys are in this position.

He certainly didn't see this coming.

"I'm very surprised," Romo said. "This a very hard pill to swallow right now. I'm really frustrated. It's unfortunate. It's disappointing. It's hard to take. 1-3 doesn't sit well with me. It doesn't feel good."

What's even worse is that the Cowboys don't have any real answers. After starting the season 0-2, they had meetings and inspirational speeches. They changed the practice schedule. The result was a dominant victory against the Texans before the bye.

They talked about learning their lesson, one game at a time and having their priorities straight.

Of course, all of that talk went for naught after one exasperating game the Titans.

The Cowboys' biggest problems in two previous losses to the Redskins and Bears were self inflicted: penalties, turnovers and miscues.

That was the order of the day against Tennessee.

The Cowboys controlled the ball and amassed 511 yards of total offense, including 406 from Romo and 109 on the ground from new featured running back Felix Jones.

But Romo was sacked six times and threw three interceptions. The Cowboys committed 12 penalties for 133 yards. The Titans had two fourth-quarter touchdowns that came on drives of 1 and 5 yards, thanks to an interception and penalties.

At 1-3, the Cowboys are 1/2 game behind the leaders in the NFC East. The Redskins, Eagles and Giants are at 3-2.

The Cowboys play at the Vikings and then host the Giants. So battling back won't be easy, especially when they are confused and have no answers for their play and their season.

"A little confused is an understatement," cornerback Terence Newman said. "At this point, it's not trying to find answers. It's more we're trying to find the problem. What is the problem? How do you put your finger on it? It's frustrating because we have the talent. Talent alone doesn't win football games."

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