Cowboys at a crossroads

IRVING, Tex. - Dallas safety Gerald Sensabaugh doesn't necessarily agree with the sentiment that the Cowboys are at a crossroad.

"We have to try to win at all costs," he said. "But we do have to do that all season."

Sensabaugh said that while his team might not quite be in a must-win situation just yet, he did allow that the frustration is mounting within the Cowboys' locker room.

"It's hard to explain when you're losing like this," Sensabaugh said. "We're 1-3, right? I don't think I've ever been 1-3, especially in the NFL. We have got to figure out a way to get it done next week (in Minnesota)."

Sensabaugh said there are no quick fixes, saying that if there were, they would be in use already. Instead, he said, the Cowboys simply have to go back to basics.

"We have got to take it game by game," he said. "We have got to play solid football."

The team's current predicament — having entered the season as heavy favorites to win the NFC East, the Cowboys now find themselves in the surprising position of looking up at the Washington Redskins, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East — precludes him from even considering how the result of each game might affect his team's postseason chances.

"I'm not even thinking about the playoffs," he said. "We've got too much to do to look that far into the future."

Sensabaugh bristled a little when told some of his teammates had used words like "stupid" to describe the team's play so far this year, or "mess" to depict the team's current state of affairs. But after thinking for a minute, he begrudgingly admitted such terms are appropriate.

"Yeah, I agree," he said. "We're too good to be playing this way. Talking about it doesn't do nothing — we have got to go out and make plays. We have got to take pride in this team and go out and do it at all costs."

The key, Sensabaugh said, could be found in the idea of players winning on an individual level, and letting that success carry over to the team's overall success.

"As individuals, we have got to go out and win our battles," Sensabaugh said. "We have 11 guys — that's 11 battles. Win those, and we should come out on top.

"There are so many little things that affect those battles. You miss a block, you jump offside — the play is over. We have to focus on doing what it takes to win those individual battles, and we'll come out on top."

Sensabaugh also allowed that at times, the Cowboys' struggles aren't necessarily the result of a lack of their own execution.

"It's football," he said. "They (the Cowboys' opponents) are going to make plays, too. They're paid athletes too. Right now, they're just making more plays than we are."

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