Phillips discusses the loss

"Tough one for us obviously, we seem to have a big let down when Tony (Romo) went out for whatever reason, our whole team let down; I did think they kept fighting," he said.

OPENING STATEMENT: "Tough one for us obviously, we seem to have a big let down when Tony (Romo) went out for whatever reason, our whole team let down; I did think they kept fighting. Some of the things we worked on, I know we did better penalty wise, I know we did better turnover wise, I know we did better kickoff coverage wise but we did have some breakdowns in other areas and that ended up costing us. We didn't get to (Eli) Manning enough really, we did later in the game to know the ball out. We did have some turnovers and I'm pleased with that, but we didn't finish it. I thought (Jon) Kitna was rusty, it just took him a while to get going and once he did it gave us a chance. Actually, we had the ball 1st down on the 6 that we didn't score a touchdown and we still had a chance in the game. I think the effort was great but the final score is what counts."

IS THE SEASON BEWILDERING RIGHT NOW?"That's one word for it. This game we didn't outgain the opponent like we had in all the rest of the games, I thought the Giants played well even though we jumped all over them early. I thought they ran the ball well, they had success running the ball and I think that hurt us. We did adjust to it but not soon enough."

HIS MESSAGE TO THE TEAM: "Keep fighting! They fought hard all the way, it looked like we were way out of it and we still had a chance. We have to keep fighting."

GOING FOR IT INSTEAD OF KICKING THE FIELD GOAL: "We still needed another touchdown, at that time we were still 18 points down so we needed a touchdown."

WAS THERE A LETDOWN AFTER ROMO'S INJURY? "It looked like the team let down, we didn't get a first down for however long, we just didn't get going. I do think our defense wore down but we did have a lot of 3 and outs. Right before the half, we had a turnover and they got a 52 yard field goal. When they went up right before the half and when Tony went out we were ahead and that hurt us."

COWBOYS FORCED MORE TURNOVERS, BUT GAVE UP MORE YARDS TOO: They just throw the ball a lot and of course they made some plays, Newman got hurt on the first interception and I think that hurt him the rest of the game. They made some good plays, they had the ball a lot and made a lot of 3rd downs and we didn't make any, I don't think we made any the whole game.

ON THE RUNNING GAME: "We wanted to go in and when our backup quarterback came in and run the ball and we didn't do that very well, that put a lot of pressure on him to throw the ball earlier then we wanted to and not do the play action. I think Jon (Kitna) warmed up as the game went along but he was rusty for a while."

ON DEZ BRYANT: "Dez (Bryant) is a spectacular player and I think everyone can see that, he fought all the way. When you go down on your elbows you're down and he has a knack for being able to stay on his feet but I guess he didn't know that was a rule. I think he's a spectacular player."

CONFIDENCE LEVEL IN JON KITNA: "I think we do and I think we did going in, I think he was rusty and I think he just doesn't get that many reps. Getting the feel for those guys and who to throw it to and where. It's a shame, Tony (Romo) looked like he was really sharp this game but he got hurt."

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