Phillips addresses media

Dallas head coach Wade Phillips discusses Sunday's loss to Jacksonville.

Opening statement
Well I'm distraught to say the least, it was embarrassing the way we played, the way we coached, we didn't give ourselves a chance to win the game. Very painful at this point in the season to be where we are, I thought we would come out and really play with a lot of passion and so forth but defensively we didn't stop them, we had some opportunities and really made some poor plays.

Every time they ran a trick play they made it, a lot of the things we worked on they made, we didn't stop the run game well enough and of course the key play was certainly the 4th down before the end of the half and we didn't execute that. Execution was the key and our team didn't play with enough passion, enough effort, fortitude to really compete in this game. After a little while we were never really in the game and didn't get back. I'm really disappointed, it's painful to be were we are.

Does the lack of passion concern you more then the lack of execution?
I thought if you were playing with passion you would have execution but fooled me that I thought we were going to be ready and we weren't.

What do you need to do to get your team to play where you need to be?
We have to go back to the drawing board, we have to go back and certainly analyze what we're doing, it's easy to blame it on someone else coaching wise, it's easy to blame it on the players. Coaching wise we need to evaluate what we're doing, why we're not getting if over to them if there's cases we're not getting it to them. I did expect some problems offensively with a new quarterback in there, I thought (Jon) Kitna played hard, he had three passes that were tipped by our guys and went to their guys which seems to be the case with us this year. He can throw the football, we can see that, we just have to do it without turning the ball over. I thought Jon (Kitna) was trying to get it accomplished we just didn't get it done offensively.

Do you think you've lost this team?
I hope not, I didn't think, we fought all the way the other games but this game it just got away from us and we couldn't get it back. Part of it was execution being able to come back or stop them when you get them down there or if they get a turnover stopping them right there. Those kind of things but part of it is execution on those plays to do that. I look at a lot defensively, a lot of the basic things that we've worked on, they scored on and that's what bothers me.

Do you think it's the players on defense?
Everybody knows we have a lot of talented players and that's the problem, I have talented of players and I'm not getting them to play well enough. To me that's the root of the problem.

Do you feel like you need to change the personnel?
We'll look at everything certainly, as far as that's concerned, we'll see who can help us and who can't. I'm at a loss right now certainly because if I knew what to do I would have already done it, I have to go back, reevaluate and look at it again.

Do you think you need to change your demeanor a little bit to get things going, maybe yelling or cursing?
Well I mean we got things going the previous three years without doing that, I don't think cussing a guy out is necessarily going to make him play better, especially the way they feel but we will tell them if they made mistakes and what mistakes they made and what they need to correct them and that's what you do coaching wise and how you get it across to them is different with all coaches.

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