Dallas romped by Jacksonville

Sunday's game was simply a microcosm of an already dismal season.

David Garrard threw four touchdowns, while Jon Kitna threw four interceptions Sunday afternoon at Cowboys Stadium in 35-17 Jacksonville victory.

And truly, the game wasn't even that close.

With Tony Romo watching from the sidelines, the Cowboys couldn't do anything right on either side of the ball.

Case in point, facing a fourth-and-goal inside the 1 with time winding down in the first half and trailing 14-3, Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna turned to his right, only to find Marion Barber coming from his left.

Kitna handed it off before running straight into Barber, ending the drive and ultimately ending any chance the Cowboys had of winning the game.

The play symbolized what has been one of the worst seasons in franchise history thus far.

"I'm distraught to say the least, it was embarrassing the way we played, the way we coached, we didn't give ourselves a chance to win the game," Wade Phillips said afterwards.

"Very painful at this point in the season to be where we are, I thought we would come out and really play with a lot of passion and so forth but defensively we didn't stop them, we had some opportunities and really made some poor plays."

Kitna, filling in for the injured Romo, actually played well, completing 34 of 49 passes for over 360 yards in his first start in two years. Of his four interceptions, three bounced off Dallas receivers.

"Sometimes it happens like that; other times maybe you just have one of those in a game; maybe you don't have any; sometimes it's three," Miles Austin said. "So you could say it snowballs, or you can say it happened when it happened.

"Who knows? I mean, I know I didn't think of Felix's (Jones) when I was trying to catch mine. Nothing like that ever happens, but bad things happen and good things happen, but you've got to move on."

But even without the interceptions, the Cowboys would have probably still lost.

After all, Garrard completed his first 12 passes on his way to completing 17 of 21 for 260 yards. His passer rating was an astounding 157.8.

Maurice Jones-Drew also ran wild, rushing for 135 yards on 27 attempts.

Simply put, whatever Jacksonville did Sunday, worked.

Whatever the Cowboys tried, did not.

"I am extremely, extremely, extremely surprised; very surprised," Owner Jerry Jones said. "Jacksonville had us diagnosed very well, I thought. They executed well. I thought (Jon) Kitna played like I had hoped, frankly, if you can say that in a loss.

"But I think Kitna was strong with his throws and frankly there's no excuses because actually a couple of throws didn't make the difference out here; but certainly, it was tough luck from his part to have those balls bounce up (and get intercepted). But I thought there's no way that the play of our quarterback doesn't give us a chance to win the game today."

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