What now?

Tony Romo or no Tony Romo, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is embarrassed as he has ever been with the season-long results his team has produced.

He made just that point when he issued an apology — and then another — to Cowboys fans for the team's season full of failures that has Dallas at 1-6 and on pace not for the playoffs, but a realistic chance at a top draft pick in 2011 heading into the lair of Super Bowl contender Green Bay.

As losses pile up and sentiment grows that Dallas must make changes, Jones remains steadfast in his support of coach Wade Phillips.

Jones has never made a coaching change in the middle of the season and he doesn't plan to start.

Whereas some teams have been faced with a rash of injuries to key personnel, that hasn't been the case in Dallas. Romo's injury aside, the Cowboys have had a few nicks and bruises. Most notably, offensive linemen Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier were hurt to start the season and Kosier has been reinjured. Their absences weren't considered a death knell at the time and didn't prove to be upon review of the time each missed.

Jones does acknowledge — as most teams in this position would — that he is evaluating everything regarding the Cowboys and wouldn't rule out laying the ground work for a "Plan B" at coach even if he wasn't going to make the move until the offseason.

Jones has done this before. He made contact with Bill Parcells several weeks before firing Dave Campo at the end of the 2002 season and made an in-person recruiting trip to seal the deal.

For his part, Phillips still seems to have the support of the majority of his players in the locker room.

Linebacker Bradie James points out the players are the ones on the field missing assignments and not making plays. He said Phillips has been the same guy he has been since he first joined the Cowboys in 2007. The players are not getting it done.

"I just hate it for Wade because his job is so hard now," James said. "One thing I can truly say is he's been positive and consistent as far as how he approaches the team meetings with us all together. Ultimately, it's still up to the players to go out there and execute and do what is called."

The Cowboys are going back to training camp mode in an effort to end their slide.

Dallas has lost four consecutive games for the first time since 2002. The Cowboys are 1-6 for the first time since 1963 and are off to their worst start since they went 1-15 in 1989.

Coach Wade Phillips blames the team's woes on a breakdown of basic fundamentals.

"After going through really all of our offense, defense, special teams this year and then looking at last year, we're not fundamentally sound enough," Phillips said. "That's the biggest thing I noticed overall is the fundamentals — running, blocking, tackling, catching, covering, throwing — we're not as good as we were. We have to be more detailed in those areas. We have to work more in those areas. I think it's more going back to training camp things than it is in the middle of the season. Unfortunately that's where we are. I think to go forward, that's where we have to get back to."

Phillips said working on fundamentals is more important than game-planning right now, and that will be his focus for the team for the rest of the season. Or as long as he is still the head coach.

Phillips acknowledged that he does worry about the players being distracted by all the talk of a possible coaching change, but he said he would continue to work hard, coach hard and to try and motivate his team as best as he can.

"You worry about that, certainly," Phillips said. "As long as you can get them to do what they want to do, work hard, play hard, you give yourself a chance. That's what we are going to try to do."

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