Doom and gloom

Doom and gloom abounds at the Cowboys training complex.

The team is 1-6 and off to their worst since going 1-15 in 1989.

But receiver Roy Williams still has hope.

"You know me. I think we can go nine in a row," Williams said. "People can call me stupid or whatever but this football team has the core of players, it has the supporting cast of players to win nine in row. We just got to get it started just for other players to be like, `Alright, we got it now.'"

Williams said the Cowboys need to get to 10-6 to make the playoffs. He said if they do it will be a historic and miraculous achievement.

"It would be a great storybook ending," Williams. "It would be awesome. I don't know if they'd put us in the Hall of Fame for that if this was going to go on and win the Super Bowl, but it's a tough feat to cross but if there is any team in the league that can do it, it's the Dallas Cowboys. I've been a believer in this football team. I don't know if everybody's believing but I think wins -- you get one, two three in a row, then it's, 'Oh, this is the team we're supposed to be.'"

The sad thing is right now the Cowboys are playing like Williams' old lowly Detroit Lions teams. He played for the Lions and never made the playoffs or had a winning season before coming to Dallas in 2008.

"I told a teammate yesterday I thought I was done with the 1-6s and all that," Williams said. "That goes to show you that it doesn't matter who you are, what team you are, whoever, you better come to play every Sunday or you're going to be 1-6, 1-15 or 3-13 or whatever it may be. But you've got to come to play every Sunday."

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