Change is good

One thing is certain. Jerry Jones and interim coach Jason Garrett have the Cowboys attention.

The firing of Wade Philips has let them know there will be no more clowning around and no lackadaisical attitude.

They will play hard or they will be gone.

"When the owner speaks, you better listen," wide receiver Roy Williams said. "It's not like the head coach is speaking or your position coach is speaking. We are talking about the man who writes his name on your checks. So when he speaks, you better listen. That's what he says, so that's what you've got to do."

Garrett has outlawed dominoes in the locker room. He has ordered his players to clean up and be neater in the locker room. And he is taking the same no-nonsense, do things right approach to the practice field.

They are coming in earlier, having crisp workouts and going home sooner.

"It's just the way we do things," Garrett said. "We believe in tempo; we believe in hustle; we believe in getting our work done on the field, working hard, having intensity and then getting off the field. Meeting, evaluating it and getting them out of here. It's just the way we do things. Again, the players and coaches have been very receptive to it."

The players have noticed the change. There is no doubt who is in charge the final eight games.

"He's making sure he's on everybody, looking at everybody on the football field, just making sure everybody understands the importance of practice and how much it means to the football team and how much we've got to prepare and do things right, so that it carries over into the football game," running back Tashard Choice said.

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