Jason Garrett post-game comments

Dallas head coach Jason Garrett talks about Sunday's win over Detroit.

Opening Statement: It certainly wasn't pretty in all areas today, what we're finding out about our football team is that it has a lot of fight. The offense was struggling early on and the defense was picking it up, the special teams was making big plays week in and week out. The offense gets going and when the defense is out there for too long and all those things. We talk about that, it's not a question if adversity is going to happen, it's going to happen, how do you respond to it individually, as a unit and as a football team and our guys are doing that week in and week out and that's a real positive sign for our team.

On Bryan McCann's punt return for a touchdown and his impact the past two weeks: Two gigantic plays, last week he makes the huge interception in New York and then the play that he makes today we can say was a game changing play. He's such an aware football player, he's an aware defensive player and certainly in the kicking game. They had done a nice job trapping us down there and some of those hard coming out situations and they did a pretty good job with the punt team kicking the football and then getting down there and I think it happened earlier in the game and he was aware of it and just had it in his mind if that happens again he would take advantage of it.

On the quick turnaround, playing Thursday: It's quick, I told them the World Champions are going to be here at 3:15 on Wednesday; it's going to happen quickly. We typically have a 24 hour rule where we want these guys to enjoy the win with their family and with their friends, with their teammates tonight and then we have to get back to work tomorrow. We're going to have to accelerate the week, our Monday, tomorrow, which is typically kind of follow up on the game from the previous day you really have to get into starting your preparation for New Orleans so we'll start that.

On Jon Kitna's play: He has a lot of moxie, he is a tremendous competitor, there's a reason he's been playing in this league as long as he has. He's the kind of guy you want on your football team, he's the kind of guy that you want playing quarterback for you. He's got a lot of mental toughness, he loves to play the game and I think we've seen that the past couple weeks. The looks didn't always come up cleanly and he handled a lot of those situations very well, moving, finding the check down, running the football and really just making things happen. We talk about making the big plays when they are available but we also talk about making the little plays, the ones that don't make the highlights and he made a number of those today.

What was the thought process of running the football with under a minute to play in the first half with the ball close to the goal line? When you are coming out in that situation you would like to just say take a knee but what would have happened there, I'm not going to give you the exact seconds, what would have happened if we had taken the knee we would have had to punt the ball so we felt like we had to run it and work the field, I think the number was eight seconds. We had a run that we liked, it was a good run for us unfortunately they rallied around and was able to knock it out. That was a big play in the game and I thought our team did a good job responding to that. Our defense fought hard for them, they did score but we came back out in the second half and said that is behind us and that we had to go on to the next thing and I thought we did that in all three phases.

What was said in the locker room at halftime? We talk about the adversity thing all the time, it's a sixty minute game and it's worth it to fight hard and battle for sixty minutes. Cause you have that feeling after the game, there's going to be adversities, there's going to be bad plays. Those guys get paid too, they have a lot of good football players on their side, they're a very well coached team and we have to fight through those things.

On not going for the two point conversion: I think the biggest thing we talk about in terms of going for two is, don't get too caught up in the early in the game, you want to accumulate points, later in the game when it becomes a one or two possession game you have to start doing the math. That's our philosophy so you always want to look at those situations until later in the game.

Is Felix Jones showing you something new you haven't seen? Ever since Felix Jones got here we've liked him as a football player and he filed through some injuries earlier in his career; it had been injuries that were legitimate injuries, it's never been a question of if this guy was a space player and he can't run tough inside we always felt that Felix Jones could do that. We've had other backs that can do that, we love getting Marion (Barber) the ball, we love getting Tashard Choice the ball. I think Felix showed his toughness today, he got banged up a little bit and then came back and was a big part of it at the end and that shows the kind of toughness he has and what he feels about this football team and playing on Sunday afternoon.

The offense stalled after the first drive, what were they doing, what were you doing that caused this? I think but I'm not going to be great on remembering the specifics, we got backed up a few times that restricts you a little bit offensively but then we weren't executing like we needed to. You need to be able to run the football and they were committing some guys at the line of scrimmage and then we had a few pass opportunities that we didn't convert on and any time that you have a couple of those three and outs in a row you putting pressure on your football team. I thought it was a great sign that the defense was great battling, they were moving the ball a little bit, they were on the field a lot. We weren't holding the ball very much on offense but they kept fighting through it. When you go over there and you tell those guys to keep battling and they weren't blinking, they understand that that's their job to go out and defend as best they can and they were able to do that until we made the McCann play and we were able to get the game turned around a little bit.

On the teams confidence: We just have to keep going, we have to enjoy this the rest of the day and we have to set our sights on the next one, we have to come to work tomorrow and get ready for New Orleans on Thursday. The guys are working hard, they are enthusiastic, they seem compassionate about playing and that's a big part of it we have to get started on the next task.

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