McCann Ready to Do More

IRVING, Tex. - John Biggins is a lot of things: agent, attorney, former college football player, motivational speaker, karate black belt, husband and father.

One thing he apparently is not is a convincing actor.

Biggins called his client, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Bryan McCann, to inform the rookie that in just his second NFL game, he had earned the NFC's Defensive Player of the Week award.

"He called me, and I knew he wasn't playing with me," McCann said. "You could hear the excitement in his voice."

McCann said he was somewhat shocked to have earned the award, despite having returned his interception of an Eli Manning pass 101 yards to place his name in the Cowboys' team record book with the longest interception return in team history.

"I couldn't believe it," McCann said. "It's still a little hard to take in. I'm excited, but last week is done and over. It's an honor, and I appreciate the recognition, but we've got a game Sunday to get ready for."

Modesty aside, McCann did share his news with his family.

"I called my dad at work," McCann said. "I told him, ‘your son is Defensive Player of the Week.' It was quiet for a minute, and he said he was in a meeting and would have to call me back. But I could tell how excited he was."

McCann spent the summer in the Cowboys' training camp, was picked up by Baltimore after getting waived by Dallas before returning to the Cowboys a couple of weeks later as a member of the practice squad, said that when he was inserted in the lineup, he felt comfortable with his knowledge of the defense … or at least with his role within the defense.

"It's the same thing you do at every level," McCann said. You look at their personnel, you look at their formation. I know my stuff inside and out.

"The difference between this defense and when I played in college is that I was in that (at SMU) for two years, so I not only knew my job, but I knew what everyone else was supposed to be doing in every situation, too. I could tell you what the safeties were supposed to do, or where the linebackers were supposed to go. I'm still getting there with this defense."

For someone so early in his career — the Cowboys' 33-20 victory over the New York Giants was just his second on the active roster — McCann has seen a lot, playing on defense and special teams, and even going through a coaching change.

"That's something me and (fellow rookie) Akwasi (Owusu-Ansah) were talking about — for rookies, we've seen a lot already," McCann said. "We've even seen the team change coaches, and that's not something you want to go through, but this is a business, and that's part of it. When you go through something like that, it makes you aware of what goes on, and it can help you down the road. You hope you never have to see something like that, but when you see different situations, you know how to react, you know how to respond."

Not lost on McCann is the fact that his award is pretty remarkable, considering he was on the practice squad two weeks ago.

"Pretty high bar I've set, huh?" he joked. "Hopefully, it means there's more to come."

But as excited as he is to have won the conference's defensive honor, McCann is well aware that his performance was far from perfect. The highlight of his record-setting interception return was shown for days, but he also got beaten on a few pass plays, giving him plenty on which to work.

"I'd give myself about a ‘C,' I guess," McCann said. "I felt I did my job, but I didn't do more than my job. I did more than my job in college, and that's the goal here, too. Just doing your own job isn't enough."

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