Garrett discusses win over Washington

"The nature of the National Football League it's going to be a challenge, every time you go out there they're good football players, they're good coaches, they're good teams, and you're going to have to play a 60 minute ball game."

On having to fight for the win after having a big lead: The nature of the National Football League it's going to be a challenge, every time you go out there they're good football players, they're good coaches, they're good teams, and you're going to have to play a 60 minute ball game. No ones going to go away, every time you break that huddle you need to be ready to play offensively, defensively and in the kicking game as well. The Redskins battled back, they made some plays on offense, they made some stops on defense, and they did a good job, they cashed in on some opportunities and we had our backs to the wall and we had to respond to it and ultimately we were able to do that.

How do you feel that you couldn't close them out late in the game?
Ultimately we did close them out. The nature of the NFL is that you have to keep playing, you're going to be challenged and you have to do things well throughout the ball game. You have to play with the right passion, emotion, enthusiasm, and you also have to execute. They did a good job, they made some plays and they battled back and what you need to do line up, put your hand on the ground and battle back yourself and ultimately we were able to do that at the end of the ball game.

Talking about the defensive struggles: The biggest thing is to communicate with the coaches, hear with the calls are, understand what they are trying to accomplish. They have a good feel for what they want to do on defense and we just need to communicate on how we are going to slow them down. I thought we made some good adjustments at the end of the game after they got it going and unfortunately on offense we had a couple three and outs there that didn't help the defense. It helps when you drive the ball back the other way the defense can have a rest and be ready to come back and have some stops and we didn't do our part on the offensive side of the ball. I think at the end of the game the defense did do their part to get the ball back for us, made a couple key stops, gave us good field position to kick the game winner.

On having confidence in David Buehler to run the ball three times with the ball at the 30 at the end of the game: I just think it was managing the situation, feeling good about our ability to kick a field goal in that situation, he did it a couple weeks ago in Indianapolis in overtime, I think from the same distance. The biggest thing is we wanted to run the football, we felt good about running the football, see if we could make a first down and in the process force them to use their time outs and then give David Buehler a chance to kick it; we were certainly in his range, he's proven he can make those kinds of kicks in the past, give him a chance to do it and they may get a chance to come back and have no time outs with a long way to go.

On losing several starters and having to use backups: A lot of different adversities, we talk about that all the time, injuries are going to happen, you have to step up and play if you're a backup player, you're here for a reason. Be prepared for an opportunity and take advantage of it. We had a number of guys on both sides of the ball that were out and we knew they were going to be out so these guys had a chance to practice and get ready for their opportunity and then when things happen in the ball game you have to be ready to put the next guy in and just keep rolling.

What kind of team do you have going into the last two games of the season? Just a team that's going to keep battling and fighting, that's the most important thing, that's line one in football. You guys have heard me say it, you guys have heard me talk about it a lot, it's about emotion, passion and enthusiasm first and when you have that and you keep fighting and you have a competitive spirit you give yourself a chance and then you have to execute and play well. I think our team has shown that, I think we can certainly get better in all three areas. We're going to work hard to do that here, starting up Tuesday to get ready for a Christmas night against the Cardinals.

How do you feel about your team playing on the road? We have to be able to play well anywhere, we talk about playing well at Cowboys Stadium, at FedEx Field, at the Gaylord Texan parking lot, we talked about last night playing well at a small gymnasium in Vant Fleck, Texas. It doesn't matter where you play or who you play or what's at stake you need to play as well as you can play.

What can you take away from this team? You just want to keep playing, you want to keep playing the right way, we talk about it all the time there's one way to play and you have to prepare your best each and every day, you stack good days on top of each other as well as you can to play well on Sunday afternoon. We're going to keep trying to do that individually and collectively.

On Jason Witten: He's an outstanding football player, he has been for a long time. We talk to our players a lot about make up, approach, who you are and he probably represents that as well as anybody I've ever been around in my career. This guy comes to work and wants to be the great football player every minute of every day. He wants to be a great blocker, a great receiver, a great teammate, he just wants to be great at it. He's a great example for me as a coach, as a great example to our other coaches, he's a great example to his teammates. He's a great example to everyone around the league about how to go about doing it. You want to see someone like that succeed because of the way he goes about how much love and passion he has for the game. His success has not happened by accident.

On the defense today: We're always trying to get better, we created some turnovers, we want to create more. We stopped the run fairly well, we want to stop it better, we want to defend the pass better, we want to prevent them from scoring points. There's always stuff to work on, there's always stuff to look at and say hey we can do this better. We're going to put the tape on and we're going to evaluate and coach it individually, coach it collectively and come back Tuesday. They did a nice job of making some critical stops in this ball game, they played really well early, Washington got it going a little bit, then when it came to crunch time they made some big stops, put some pressure on the quarterback and gave us a chance to wing the ball game.

Did you feel like you were not creating enough points early in the game, getting field goals instead of touchdowns? You always want to score touchdowns when you get down there but one of the things that is really important is you just have to keep going. There are a lot of offenses that get real frustrated and get their heads down if you kick a field goal down there. They say always me, we kicked a field goal, you know something, everybody understands we're trying to score touchdowns, we're trying to score plays that score touchdowns, the players are trying to execute plays that score touchdowns, but if you don't score them kick the field goal and move on to the next one and when you get another chance we'll try to score another touchdown. The thing is we want to try to take advantage of those opportunities and we certainly did not do that throughout the early part of the ball game, we kicked a couple field goals, we got stopped on a fourth and one down there real close but the biggest thing is don't blink, keep going, we'll get another chance and we need to take advantage of it when we do get it.

How do you feel the defense adjusted to Rex Grossman? I think for the most part we did a good job, obviously they got it going a bit in the second half and made some big drives to get themselves back into the ball game but I felt we affected the quarterback, I thought our defensive line did a good job rushing him and getting him out of rhythm at different times in the ball game. He's a good football player, he started in this league for a while and I thought he responded well too. I thought it was a good competitive game between our offense and our defense.

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