Cowboys Working to Get Gary?

A new candidate has emerged as a possible contender to come to Dallas in the coming weeks. Olandis Gary, one of several talented running backs currently playing in Denver, has been in talks with the Cowobys about possibly making a move to Dallas. Could it happen?

Olandis Gary in Dallas.

Doesn't sound too bad does it? After all, the Cowboys have always been keeping one eye on Troy Hambrick and the other on several other free agent running backs that have been available this offseason.

One of the first possibilities was former Redskin Stephen Davis, who eventually signed a long-term deal with the Carolina Panthers.

Now, it seems as though another name has emerged in Valley Ranch. Several reports released early Wednesday are indicating that talks between the Cowboys and Olandis Gary are in the initial stages.

"I guess we're courting a little bit," Gary told the Star-Telegram. "There is nothing strong going on right now. We're still taking trips and entertaining offers from teams."

Gary had an incredible rookie season in Denver back in 1999, rushing for 1,159 yards and 7 touchdowns. He's also a power running back, which is something that Bill Parcells doesn't necessarily feel like he has on his roster right now.

Former Georgia star Olandis Gary rushed for 1,159 yards and seven touchdowns in 1999 during his rookie season in Denver.
"Troy Hambrick will get the opportunity," said Parcells. "But how will he respond? Can he show heart and determination after getting knocked down every play for 3 quarters? I don't have the answer to that right now, but we'll find out soon enough."

The downside to Olandis Gary throughout his career has been the injuries. He tore his right anterior cruciate ligament in the season opener against St. Louis 3 years ago and missed the remainder of the season. And then a year later, he rushed for just 228 yards in limited action before breaking his left fibula against the Cowboys in early November.

"Injuries have been a concern here, but if Olandis Gary comes to Dallas, the slate will be wiped clean," said a source close to the Cowboys. "He would be given every opportunity to beat out Troy Hambrick, and assuming he stays injury free, there's a good chance that could happen."

While both the running back and quarterback positions have been a concern for Parcells since his arrival to Dallas back in early January, his biggest worry could be the lack of a true running game next season.

"Parcells has to have an effective running game if his offense is do anything," added the source. "Without a threat in the backfield, you'll see the same struggles we saw last season, so it makes sense that they haven't given up on the free agent market just yet."

Gary has proven that he has what it takes to succeed at the NFL level, and it goes without saying that he would provide instant help to the Cowboys' rushing attack in 2003.

So, that leaves us with a million dollar question- will it happen? Will Olandis Gary sign with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason? And most importantly, would he be able to take the starting spot away from Troy Hambrick?

"I'd say there's still a long way to go to get him here. A visit is already in the works, but he'll see as many as 3 other teams as well. The price will have to be right, and he may have to be willing to come in and prove himself before he gets the kind of money he really wants." will continue to keep you updated on Olandis Gary and his impending visit to Valley Ranch as we receive more information.

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