Four Downs: The Steelers Game

Lots of things to like about the second half, not so much about the flat first half on Sunday night at Heinz Field.

1: They Weren't Defensive - The fourth AFC Championship Game loss in New York Jets franchise is on a defensive unit that was non-existent in the first half. Pittsburgh led 24-3 at the half due to an offense that held the ball for 20:59, ran 39 plays and scored 17 points.

2: Hall Pass…Errr..Run - The reason that the Steelers were able to hold onto the ball as long as they did in the first half was Rashard Mendenhall. Mendenhall rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown during the first two quarters. He finished with 121 yards on 27 carries.

3: The Play Calling Was A Farse - Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer will receive criticism for his play-calling on the game's critical drive. With the ball on the Steelers' two-yard line, Schottenheimer called for two passes and two runs. Schottenheimer had LaDainian Tomlinson run off right guard on fourth-and-two despite 11 Steelers in the box.

4: Sanchez's Big Moment - Mark Sanchez may have come of age in the second half. He led two scoring drives and displayed a veteran's poise against Pittsburgh's pass-rush and secondary. Sanchez threw for 233 yards and two touchdowns.

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