Several Teams Want Cowboys' 5th Pick

It's no secret that Jerry Jones and Bill Parcells want to trade down a couple of spots in the draft next weekend. We've got full details on which teams are already in the mix with a potential trade with the Cowboys.

With the 2003 NFL Draft now less than 10 days away, hundreds of rumors are circulating everywhere about what the Cowboys will do with the fifth overall selection.

Among all the rumors and speculation, CowboyUpdate has confirmed several possibilities that seem to be likely should the Cowboys decide to pull the trigger on a first round trade.

"The Cowboys front office is divided on what to do with the 5th pick in the first round," said a source early Wednesday. "As you know, indications are that they are leaning towards trading down, with the Saints, Jets, Vikings, and Ravens have all expressed serious interest."

Here's a look at some of the teams we are hearing that are already considering trading up to the 5th selection with the Dallas Cowboys next weekend:

New Orleans
The Saints have two first round picks and have actively been shopping around to position themselves to draft Kansas State cornerback Terence Newman.

With the 17th and 18th selections in the first round, this could be one of the more likely scenarios in the draft. How about two first round picks for the 5th selection? It certainly is a distinct possibility at this point in the game.

New York Jets
The Jets are another team that has two first round picks, with their selections coming at #13 (from Washington) and #22. Naturally, with the relationship between Bill Parcells and the Jets' organization, as well as significant interest in veteran quarterback Vinny Testeverde, a potential trade with the Cowboys has already been talked about between the two clubs.

The big trade in the work for the Minnesota Vikings appears to be with the Baltimore Ravens, however, sources say talks with the Cowboys have also been under consideration should the Vikes decide on a defensive tackle.

In speaking with sources close to the Vikings Wednesday morning, Minnesota could be an absolute wildcard in the draft with the #7 selection.

"Honestly, we have heard just about everything at this point," said a source close to the Vikings Wednesday. "However, I think the most likely scenario is that they either stay where they are or trade down. If they were to trade up with Dallas, it would be to get Dwayne Robertson."

The latest scoop on the Ravens is that they are after a quarterback. Should they decide on Byron Leftwich, the Cowboys would be in prime position to pull the trigger to trade down with Baltimore at the #10 spot.

However, in somewhat of a surprising move, sources say that Baltimore has had their eye on California quarterback Kyle Boller. If Boller is their man, then the Ravens may already be in the perfect position to draft him where are now.

Again, if the Ravens are worried that Boller could be taken earlier, there have already been talks between the Vikings and Ravens about another possible draft day trade.

Other Notes
* From the big ego department comes this: WR Andre Johnson cancelled a scheduled visit with the Rams. Why? Because he doesn't think he will be available when the Rams pick at No. 12. Apparently he or his agent doesn't believe the Rams will package a trade offer to move up.

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