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The Cowboys have been looking at using former Clemson quarterback Woodrow Dantzler in goaline situations this offseason. Details on Dantzler and several draft notes are included in this look back over the last week of news worthy events at Valley Ranch.

* Running back/kick returner Woody Dantzler has been working out with the quarterbacks during the first few weeks of the offseason program.

Dantzler, who played quarterback in college at Clemson, always hoped that he would get a shot at the position in the NFL. However, it should be characterized right now as more of an experiment than a position switch for Dantzler, who is still listed on the Cowboys roster as a running back.

Dantzler's versatility is intriguing to a Cowboys coaching staff that likes to get as many play makers on the field as possible while also giving the opponent something else to worry about -- especially around the goal line.

NEEDS/DRAFT PRIORITIES: QB -- Bill Parcells wants a veteran quarterback to lead his team. He also wants options other than Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter. They would consider trading for Vinny Testaverde or Brian Griese.

OL -- Even after re-signing left tackle Flozell Adams, they are looking for two offensive line starters in free agency, one tackle and a guard. Ryan Young was a nice acquistion and should provide instant help at tackle, but guard Randy Thomas a potential start at right guard, signed with Washington. Additional help on the offensive line is expected to come via the draft next weekend sometime in the first three rounds.

CB -- The Cowboys now have four cornerbacks under contract, second-year players Derek Ross and Pete Hunter, the recently signed Donald Mitchell, and former Florida State star Mario Edwards, who has been a starter the past two years. Edwards signed with the Cowboys this past week and will be utilized ideally in nickel situations next season.



UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: TE Mike Lucky (the Cowboys want to re-sign and will consider moving him to tackle); DT Michael Myers (will not return because Cowboys have no interest); OT Solomon Page (will not be re-signed because of attitude issues); WR Darnay Scott (was a Bruce Coslet signee and will not return); DE Peppi Zellner (Cowboys have no interest in end who had no sacks in 2003).

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS (not tendered offers): CB Jermaine Jones (not tendered as ERFA); WR Anthony Lucas (not tendered as ERFA).

RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: CB Mario Edwards (tendered at $605,000 with 6th-round pick as compensation; will likely be nickel back next year).

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS FREE AGENTS: RB Woody Dantzler (tendered at $300,000).

PLAYERS RE-SIGNED: OT Flozell Adams (UFA; $25M/5 yrs, $5M SB; 2003 cap: $2.5M); LB Jamal Brooks (Potential ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); OG Dan Collins (Potential ERFA; $225,000/1 yr); PK Billy Cundiff (Potential ERFA; 300,000/1 yr); SS Keith Davis (ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); DT Demetric Evans (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); P Filip Filopovic (ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); RB Troy Hambrick (ERFA; $450,000/1 yr); LB Louis Mackey (ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); WR Ken-Yon Rambo (ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); RB Michael Wiley (RFA; $605,000/1 yr); SS Lynn Scott (ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); QB Clint Stoerner (RFA; $605,000/1 yr); WR Reggie Swinton (ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); OG Ross Tucker (ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); DE Colston Weatherington (ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); TE James Whalen (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr); WR Randal Williams (Potential ERFA; $375,000/1 yr).

PLAYERS ACQUIRED: FB Richie Anderson (UFA Jets; $3.08M/3 yrs, $800,000 SB; 2003 cap: $1.022M); TE Dan Campbell (UFA Giants; $4M/3 yrs, $1.47M SB; 2003 cap: $1.024M); WR Terry Glenn (Trade Packers); P Toby Gowin (UFA Saints; $3.889M/5 yrs, $500,000 SB; 2003 cap: $634,000); CB Donald Mitchell (UFA Titans; $2.6M/3 yrs, $675,000 SB); LB Al Singleton (UFA Buccaneers; terms unknown); OT Ryan Young (UFA Texans; $6.5M/3 yrs; $2M SB; 2003 cap: $1.2M).

PLAYERS LOST: CB Dwayne Goodrich (cut); WR Raghib Ismail (cut); LB Kevin Hardy (UFA Bengals; $14.4/4 yrs, $3.5M SB); OG Jeremy McKinney (cut); DT Brandon Noble (UFA Redskins; $6.53M/4 yrs, $1.8M SB); RB Emmitt Smith (cut); FB Robert Thomas (cut). MEDICAL WATCH: No updates.

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