Quincy Carter: Draft Day Bust?

The Dallas Cowboys turned a lot of heads this offseason by drafting quarterback Quincy Carter as the 53rd overall selection in the 2nd round. Years from now when we look back on the 2001 draft, will it be a draft day bust?

Quincy Carter's career at the University of Georgia was filled with unrealistic expectations that he, and his team, never achieved. His junior season season was a huge disappointment as he started the season with five interceptions against a South Carolina team that had only won two out its previous twenty three games.

Most experts agree that Carter should have stayed in school his senior year, but a coaching change, injuries, and grumblings of his performance last season helped force Carter into the NFL draft.

There is no question about his raw talent, its clearly there. His arm strength is comparable with any quarterback in the National Football League, and he also recognizes open running lanes with his 4.6 speed. He is a great athlete with the natural sixth sense to avoid the backside rush in the pocket.

The problem with Quincy Carter, and with many young quarterbacks in the NFL, is his accuracy. He forces the ball into coverages, relying on his strong arm to thread the needle, and of course, he won't have the ability to read defenses properly in the NFL because he doesn't have the experience.

So what was Jerry Jones thinking?

Jones realizes that Quincy Carter has a ton of talent, and surrounded by the right players, his skills could be utilized to put the Cowboys' offense into high gear. It might take several years for this pick to prove its worth, but rest assured, Quincy Carter will one day become a Pro Bowl quarterback. That's right, and it will be with the Dallas Cowboys.

Carter is a natural athlete, and he has all the tools to succeed in this league. He's got speed, a strong arm, and the attitude to improve his accuracy and passing technique.

The situation at Georgia was not a good one, the fans were disappointed in him, and generally speaking, he was not surrounded with the talent at wide receiver the Bulldogs needed to realize his full potential.

That will not be the case with the Dallas Cowboys.

What Quincy Carter needs is speedsters, guys that can run 4.35-4.45. He has that with his new teammates in Dallas.

Joey Galloway is the perfect target for his long ball, which by the way, he throws very well. Not to mention Raghib Ismail, and Wayne McGarity. Carter will get his chance at some point this season, and it may be that he does not show his talent immediately. It will take a few games to get him accustomed to the NFL defenses and style of play. Come November, Tony Banks will have had his chance to prove his worth, and if the Cowboys are faltering at all, Carter will get his chance on the field.

But watch out for next season. With a year of the Cowboy's system under his belt and the experience he'll get on the practice fields, he will develop into a dangerous offensive weapon.

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