With the Fifth Pick...

After a year of preparing for the 2003 draft, the Cowboys appear to have their rankings set. And, according to a league source, the Cowboys now know who is their top target will be and what would happen should another team pop with a trade offer. Also, more details on the Tim Couch-to-Dallas situation are contained inside!

With the 2003 NFL Draft now less than 48 hours away, rumors and speculation seem to be running wild on sports talk radio and internet message boards.

SilverStarDigest led the charge out of the gates earlier this week by confirming that initial talks had taken place between Cleveland and Dallas concerning Tim Couch.

Talks have died down, even though a trade could still surface on Saturday.

"A trade of this magnitude is always hard to pull off, and even though talks may have died down, where there's smoke, there's fire. It's not over yet," said a source Thursday morning.

With that said, it has become crystal clear that should a trade not occur, the Cowboys have targeted one man with the fifth pick in the draft, and that's Kansas State cornerback Terence Newman.

Newman has always been a favorite of the organization, even though Bill Parcells didn't even give him a sniff at the NFL combine in February.

"Parcells is still interested in getting more quality guys in the trenches, but adding a cornerback like Terence Newman is just too good to pass up. There was talk of drafting Kennedy or Robertson, but it doesn't appear that will be the direction they go in as of today," added the source.

SilverStarDigest has been told that Newman is the clear-cut favorite and that experts and scouts both concur that he'll still be available when the Cowboys go on the clock with the fifth overall selection in the draft.

However, don't necessarily buy into the talk that the Cowboys are no longer interested in trading down.

Just like last year, if Jerry Jones is able to figure out that the teams following the Cowboys' pick won't be looking at Newman, he'll be inclined to pull the trigger on a trade and fall down a few spots.

"Jerry was masterful last season in dropping back two spots to get Roy Williams, and he's always looking to deal," added the source.

Jordan Gross and DeWayne Robertson are the second and third choices for the Cowboys should another team unexpectedly draft Newman.

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