Clarifying All the Rumors

With the fifth overall pick in the 2003 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys are subject of many draft day trade rumors. SilverStarDigest has some updates on which ones we've heard, which one's are valid, and which one's aren't.

Tim Couch to Dallas:
SilverDigest has learned that this trade still remains a distinct possibility as of Friday evening, however it appears less likely the deal would involve the Cowboys' first round selection.

"This one has been the talk of the NFL Draft for the last several days, but there's still alot that has to happen to get it done," a source said Friday. "You won't hear another peep about it though unless it actually happens."

"The bottomline here is that a quarterback will be added to the mix this weekend for the Dallas Cowboys. It's either going to happeni via a trade, or somewhere in the first three rounds. I wouldn't completely throw out the notion that the Cowboys would ignore Byron Leftwich either."

New England trades up to #5
We are hearing that this one appears to be nothing more than a rumor. The Patriots are more interested in trading ahead of the New York Jets, who now have acquired the #4 selection after a trade with the Chicago Bears. The latest talk has New England possibly moving up to the #2 selection.

New Orleans trades up to #5
There still appears to be some validity to this potential trade. The Saints own the 17th and 18th selections in the first round, and they've let it be known around the league that they have strong interest in Kansas State cornerback Terence Newman or Washington State corner Marcus Trufant. The addition of a later round pick might be what's needed to "sweeten the deal," so to speak.

Rogers Not Going to Detroit
Even ESPN is jumping on the bandwagon that Charles Rogers may not go to the Detroit Lions, but we aren't buying it. These day-before-the-draft rumors are just that- rumors.

Detroit has made no secret of their love for Rogers and Lions president Matt Millen fretted as late as last week that someone would move up to snatch Rogers away from him.  But then came rumors of a 'masking agent' in Rogers urine sample for the NFL.  That turned out to be nothing more than too much water taken in just prior to giving the sample.

Still, the rumors were enough to scare away the most avid suitor for Rogers, the Houston Texans, who are now said to be sold on Miami wide receiver Andre Johnson, opening the door for the Lions to begin negotiations with Rogers.

Interestingly enough, SilverStarDigest has been told that the Lions are only negociating with Terence Newman and Terrell Suggs to help them in signing Rogers, who has aligned himself with agents that are notoriously tough to deal with. (Carl and Kevin Poston)

Cowboys Trading La'Roi Glover?
Forget about it. A newspaper in Minnesota reported that the Vikings are interested in acquiring the servies of one of the Cowboys' top defensive players from a year ago. The Vikings may be interested, but the Cowboys aren't.

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