First Round Sliders...Why?

Boss Bailey? Eric Steinbach? Taylor Jacobs? Maryland linebacker E.J. Henderson? ....all sliders in round one. Why? Several league insiders on the floor at Madison Square Garden explain why some of these guys have fallen so far.

There obviously is a concern about Boss Bailey's knees, so much so that he dropped 20 draft slots. Several people we spoke with say teams are considering using Bailey at strong safety...not only to make use of his great athleticism but also to conserve his knees by possibly have him avoid a large degree of contact.

Apparently not all teams were so sure that Eric Steinbach can play left tackle, which is why the Iowa blocker fell out of the top 32. While he did protect the blind side well during the Senior Bowl many think Steinbach has a ways to go before fully adapting to the position and consider him, in the short term anyway, as purely a guard.

Taylor Jacobs had the bad rap on Florida Gator receivers hit him hard; that and a lack of pure playing speed.

The concern on Henderson is many feel the Maryland linebacker is purely a two down defender that must be taken off the field on pass situations. Even in a three-four scheme several we spoke with feel his pass cover skills are very limited.

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