Couch Rumors Laid to Rest?

SilverStarDigest broke the news early last week that Tim Couch could possibly be involved in a trade to the Dallas Cowboys. The 2003 NFL Draft has now come and gone, so where do things stand now?

Mark Twain once said that the rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated. Tim Couch can empathize. He now can say that rumors of his departure from Cleveland were somewhat exaggerated. As the NFL Draft approached, rumors of a Couch trade swirled through Cleveland like a January wind.

Couch and Jamel White were going to Dallas along with the 21st pick for Dexter Coakley and the fifth pick. Couch was going for the fifth pick.

None ended up materializing and the Browns now seem completely intent on keeping Couch on the team for at least one more year.

He may not start, but he will be given the chance to in training camp. Butch Davis has been consistent all offseason in saying that he could not envision a scenario in which both Couch and Kelly Holcomb are on the team. He apparently means it. For Couch, though, the rumors had to be disconcerting. In recent weeks he has been criticized on ESPN for the way he viewed the field against Pittsburgh, with film of an interception he threw shown just before Holcomb completed a pass.

Sports Illustrated named the starter on every team and listed Holcomb. Then came the trade rumors. What people seem to forget is that had Couch not broken his leg in the season finale, he and not Holcomb would have started the playoff game in Pittsburgh. Holcomb played an unbelievable game and earned the right to compete, but the Browns do not seem inclined or ready to just send Couch packing.

Couch and Holcomb will compete for the job; Holcomb seems ready and eager to compete. The best man will play. Barring the unforeseen, for one year at least Couch and Holcomb will have to co-exist on the same team.

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