QB Controversy Brewing in Big D?

Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson have been through it all before, and it looks like they'll be doing it all over again. News on the impending quarterback controversy between Carter and Hutchinson are contained this extensive report.

There has been much speculation about the Cowboys pursuing free-agent quarterback Ray Lucas, who was released by the Dolphins last week.

But owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys have no plans of going after Lucas or any other veteran until Parcells and his staff have a chance to evaluate the current quarterbacks on the team.

Hutchinson, in his second year, replaced Carter as the starter last season and heads into the 2003 as the front-runner, though Carter will be given a chance to compete by the new coaching staff.

Thus Jones allowed "if" the Cowboys make a move at quarterback, it won't be until after the three minicamps the team has scheduled over the next month and may not be until training camp.

"We know what the veteran situation is and what it is likely to be (in June)," Jones said. "We will see how we evolve from within before we make any decisions."

As far as Bill Parcells is concerned, the Cowboys are working from scratch. He said he will give both Carter and Hutchinson equal shots to win the starting job.

All he wants is a quarterback who can get the offense in the end zone.

Hutchinson ended last season as the starter, and he received praise from owner Jerry Jones for his toughness and performance under adverse conditions.

Carter, who started the first seven games last season, says former offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet had more to do with his demotion than his 3-4 record as a starter. That shouldn't happen this season. Parcells said the competition would be based on two criteria: winning and scoring points.

"I feel like I'm a rookie again," Carter said. "When I was a rookie, I didn't care what anyone said. They said I couldn't read defenses. They said I couldn't throw a spiral. They're saying it again now. I like the doubt. I love it. I love pressure. I've never run from it, and I'm not going to run from it now."

Hutchinson is a pocket passer, whereas Carter's mobility allows him to create plays. Each should be able to work efficiently in quarterbacks coach Sean Payton's passing game, which uses motion to create favorable matchups.

Carter passed for 1,465 yards with seven touchdowns and eight interceptions in seven starts. Hutchinson passed for 1,553 yards with seven touchdowns and eight interceptions in nine starts. Neither player, however, produced many points for the offense.

Carter led the Cowboys to just nine touchdowns, and Hutchinson manufactured only 12. Each will have to improve significantly in that category. If not, Parcells may opt for a quarterback who is not currently on the roster.

"I'm just going to do the best I can and compete the best that I can," Hutchinson said. "He's a bottom line guy, and I like that."

--The Washington Redskins are showing interest in yet another former Cowboys defensive lineman, having conversations with unrestricted free-agent defensive end Peppi Zellner. This should come as no surprise since Cowboys former linebackers coach George Edwards is now the Redskins' defensive coordinator. The Skins already have signed Brandon Noble and flirted with Michael Myers before he re-signed with the Cowboys last week.

--Sixth-round pick B.J. Tucker suffered a strained hamstring in the first practice of this three-day mini-camp, and did to get any more work over the weekend.

Quote of the Week: "I didn't see any reason why I wouldn't be here. I won games here. I didn't say anything wrong publicly. I took the heat and kept my mouth shut. I never thought I wouldn't be here and be given a chance based on the success I did have." -- Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter

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