Cowboys not panicking

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wasn't ready to sound the alarm Sunday after Dallas' 34-7 loss to Philadelphia.

He reiterated that he wasn't worried Tuesday no his local radio show because he believes his guys played hard in the blowout loss.

"I think we'll go right back," Jones said. "We just have to do that. In my life, I've stuck my head in the sand and not recognized and dwelled on the situation, because if you do, you'll become the situation. I just want us to move on past this one."

Jones is upbeat because of quarterback Tony Romo and likely because of the Cowboys' upcoming schedule that features games against the Seahawks (2-5), Redskins (3-4), Dolphins (0-7) and Cardinals (1-6) in addition to the Bills (5-2).

"In my perspective, when we have a quarterback that's healthy — Romo — that can play at the level that I believe he can play at, then I don't think you ought to lower your expectations," Jones said. "I think you've got an opportunity to have a good team. Consequently, when I look at the makeup of our team, that's why I don't want to — and fans shouldn't either — dwell on this game.

"Philadelphia is a good team. They are a good team right now. It was maybe an aberration that they started off like they did. But good teams don't always win the Super Bowl. That gives everyone else a chance, too. We caught them right. They played well.

"We didn't play well at all. Let's look and see what's down the road for us."

* Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan took full blame for the Cowboys' loss to the Eagles on Sunday.

He said he was outcoached and outschemed. He said put it all on him.

"I was outcoached, out-everythinged," Ryan said. "So it was all on me. It's a terrible game plan. I never gave our guys a chance. We got killed by the flash play over and over and over, did a lousy job adjusting to it. It's all my fault. I never gave our guys a chance."

On Monday, other Cowboys shared in the blame for the 34-7 blowout loss, including coach Jason Garrett who said Ryan's accountability is one of the things that attracted him to the Cowboys.

"I think one of the things we talk about as an organization is having the right kind of people in your organization as coaches and players and everybody involved in our football operation," Garrett said.

"When you lose a game there are two ways to go. You could say it's somebody else's fault or you take responsibility, accountability for what your job is within that ball game and I think we had a lot of guys who want to take responsibility and be accountable for what they did or didn't do in the game and Rob is certainly one of them. I think we have a number of players who have the same approach, a number of really good players who have the same approach said the same kind of thing to me today."

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