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Safety Roy Williams has a personal Jenny Craig. Only Jenny is a he, and he ain't preaching "Love yourself at whatever weight you are." "Coach Parcells was all over me about my weight," Williams said with a smile, "but I'm getting there."

Williams said he was tipping the scales at 240 when Bill Parcells came in. Parcells wants him at 229. So far Williams has lost seven of the 11 pounds.

His incentive? His pocketbook.

Parcells explained his ways of dealing with the late and overweight. They get fined, and not a slap-on-the-wallet fine either. It is $235 per pound, per day. So a guy like Williams, who was 11 pounds too heavy, would be paying $2,585 a day once training camps starts until he dropped the weight.

"We'll weigh in periodically throughout the year," Parcells said, "and we'll have fat-boy weigh-ins."

* Parcells has mandated several new rules to the team so far, and one of them has every lineman wearing knee braces during the mini-camps.

The big guys on both sides of the ball are wearing the large metal braces, and will be required to do so in games as well.

"It's mandatory," Parcells said. "Always has been. We're trying to protect our investment. I've seen (the braces) help countless number of players. I've seen knee braces bent completely, like all the way over and the player will be fine."

Parcells said he didn't expect the players to like the braces too much.

And some don't, but it's an adjustment they will have to make.

* Woody Dantzler has played in just six games during his short NFL career. And even though he's been with the Cowboys for only a little more than a calendar year now, Dantzler has worn five different jersey numbers, even moving from wearing the white jersey signifying he's on offense and the blue jersey of the defense.

Dantzler is now wearing the blue No. 29 and working as a safety.

Dantzler, a college quarterback at Clemson, worked on converting to running back last season, and wore No. 10 during training camp. He switched to No. 35 when he was signed to the practice squad, and then moved to 29 in midseason. This offseason, the Cowboys worked him some at quarterback, so he switched to No. 1, his old college number. But one day into a rookie mini-camp two weeks ago, he was moved to safety. That slapped No. 36 on his back. The next day, it was back to quarterback and No. 1, before going to safety and No. 36 again. And now, Dantzler has decided to go with 29.

* Third-year tight end James Whalen has a worn five numbers during his stay with the Cowboys, including his current 81, 83, 82, 35 and 46. QUOTE TO NOTE
"I never want to be a player's coach. That means the inmates are running the asylum." -- Cowboys coach Bill Parcells.

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