Lee Hopes To Play

IRVING, Tex. - Sean Lee, who missed last week's win over Seattle with a dislocated left wrist he suffered in the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, returned to practice this week with a protective cast on his hand and said he plans to play Sunday when the Cowboys host the Buffalo Bills.

"I'll do whatever it takes to play," Lee said. At the same point, I have to listen to doctors on what I am able to do and whether is going to be functional."

"I went out there (on the practice field) and I'm getting more comfortable," Lee said. "I've got to get used to it."

Lee was asked what he believes will be the hardest adjustments he faces as he learns to play with his left hand heavily wrapped.

"Grabbing, shedding blocks — that kind of thing," Lee said. "I have got to figure out other ways to take on blockers."

Lee has been wearing a protective brace when walking around the team's practice facility in Valley Ranch, but gets a cast that cups over the top of his hand put on (by head trainer Jim Maurer) when he heads out to the field.

He admitted that while he is learning to use his hand in a limited capacity, and is exploring how that will translate to the football field. He stopped short of saying he thought he would be unable to intercept a pass, but acknowledged that his catching ability could well be reduced.

"Trap the ball, maybe," Lee said, laughing. "Not a rocket (pass), anyway."

Lee even admitted that he would figure out a way to use the cast to help him on the field, rather than allow it to hinder his performance.

"I'm going to figure out a way to use it to my advantage," he said. "It starts with the punch (to an opposing player's pads), with pad level.

"I'll find out a way to get it done. Obviously there will be a transition period (while getting used to playing with the cast on his injured wrist), but I'll get it done."

Lee said he realizes he likely will continue to feel pain in his arm as he tries to play with the cast while his injured wrist heals. If the pain is at a tolerable level, however, he said he has no intention of sitting out another game.

"There will be pain involved, but I thought it would be more than there was (in Wednesday's practice)," he said. "If it goes (against the Bills) like it did today, I don't think the pain is going to be too much (to continue playing)."

When he first got hurt against the Eagles, there was some fear that Lee's injury could keep him out of the Dallas lineup for an extended period of time. That his time on the sideline appears likely to be brief is a relief to Lee.

"It's great," he said. "Coming out of the Eagles game, it was unknown (how long it would be before he could return to the field). I don't know if surgery (eventually) will be involved. For now, we're going to see what type of cast can be used. Over the next couple of weeks, maybe we try different types of casts.

"It has been surprising to see how much I really use my left hand. I tried to open the car door and hold a coffee mug. But it's getting better. Hopefully I'll be ready."

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