Was Griese Ever a Consideration?

The Dallas Morning News reported earlier today that Bill Parcells was never really interested in acquiring the services of Brian Griese. Did the Cowboys ever seriously consider bringing him to compete against Chad Hutchinson?

Brian Griese won't be playing football in Dallas next year. Period. Point blank. End of story.

The Cowboys toyed with the notion of bringing in several quarterbacks this offseason, most notably Griese and former Parcells' understudy Ray Lucas, but apparently, neither has been given much thought lately.

"Specifically, I think Parcells wants to see what Chad Hutchinson can do in training camp and the 2003 season," said a source early Tuesday. "And quite frankly, there's no one else out there who appears to be head and shoulders over Hutch."

Griese is reportedly headed to Miami, where he'll compete with Jay Fiedler for the starting position for the Dolphins next year.

And as far as the rumors floating around yesterday that the Cowboys have been interested in Griese, sources seem to confirm otherwise. "There was small interest there very early on, but nothing truly news worthy since before the draft," added the source.

"Parcells was never a Griese fan to begin with, and Jerry Jones wasn't even close to seriously considering bringing in Griese to Valley Ranch. It just wasn't in the cards."

A quick look at Griese's statistics seem to confirm the notion that bringing in him to Dallas would be a risk. Only one year in his 5-year stint with the Denver Broncos did Griese threw 4 or more touchdown passes than interceptions, and that came during his pro-bowl season of 2000.

Last season, the former Michigan star threw 15 touchdowns to go along with 15 interceptions.

As it stands now, the Dallas Cowboys will enter their 2003 training camp with Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter battling it out for the starting spot.

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