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Former Cowboys cornerback Deion Sanders attended the final three days of minicamp practices. He was there to watch Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman, the rookie many proclaim as the next Deion. "He's going to be a really good player," Sanders said. "I like him a lot."

Sanders said he plans to work with Newman on his technique but thinks it is unfair for anybody to start labeling Newman as Deion II.

* The Cowboys cut defensive tackle Ron Moore, safety Rick Sherrod and offensive lineman Ross Tucker. They need to make two more roster moves to get to the league's 80-man limit before training camp.

* Desperados receiver Will Pettis was one of three free-agent prospects to receive a tryout with the Cowboys on June 3.

The others were former Tulane defensive back Jeff Sanchez and ex-Bethune-Cookman offensive linemen Gabe Piniella. None were signed.

To sign Pettis, the Cowboys would have to navigate some NFL red tape, which was put in place to prevent teams that own Arena Football League franchises from hiding players.

Per league rules, the Cowboys would have to sign Pettis, and then put him on procedural waiver recall for 10 days. If none of the other 31 teams in the league claimed him then, the Cowboys would get to keep Pettis and bring him to training camp.

"I just wanted an opportunity," Pettis said. "I know everything the Cowboys have to do to get it done. Maybe I will be in camp here or somewhere else."

* Defensive end Charles Alston received the largest signing bonus of any undrafted rookie free agent in the NFL. The former Bowie State star, who played football and basketball in college, received $25,000 in upfront money.

Alston's bonus will likely be more than some seventh-round picks receive. He also got a three-year contract, rare for an undrafted free agent. Most get one-year deals, two at the most.

"I'm hoping to come here and make a name for myself," Alston said. "It's a big jump from a small school to the NFL. Other players have done it."

* While quarterbacks are out, Parcells is searching the waiver wire for veterans who could help the Cowboys this year. Two positions the team is targeting are offensive tackle and defensive tackle and defensive end.

* Parcells is also not comfortable with the running back spot. However, like quarterback, he plans to go with what the Cowboys have in house (Troy Hambrick) rather than pursue a free agent.

* Free agent defensive end Darrell Wright of Oregon is the only rookie absent from the current camp. He can't attend because his school has not yet held graduation.

"I haven't seen the real players. You don't find out what anybody is about until the battle starts." * Bill Parcells, when asked if the players have seen the real Bill yet.

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