Parcells Issues a Warning

Bill Parcells gave the rookies a little advice last week. Actually, it was more of a warning before they left minicamp. He said they should take advantage of the opportunity now and do everything in the next few weeks to prepare for training camp because "I can't run a camp for guys that can't learn..."

"I told them that all of your life you've been told about preparation for football, you need to be physically and mentally ready to play," Parcells said. "Well, right now, we're in about a 10 to 12-week window where that is actuality because if you're not, then basically your career ends or you go somewhere else and play. You're down to a reduced window of opportunity."

-- The Cowboys signed receiver Will Pettis of the AFL Dallas Desperados to a one-year contract worth $225,000. Both Pettis and the Cowboys, however, will have to wait 10 days before they know if he will join the Cowboys for training camp.

A newly-instated NFL rule requires teams owning AFL franchises (Cowboys, Lions and Broncos) wishing to sign players from their AFL franchise to place the player on procedural recall waivers, exposing the player to the other 31 teams in the league for 10 days. If any of the other 31 teams puts a claim in on the player during that 10-day period, the team highest on the waiver list is awarded the player. If no team claims the player, then the player's rights revert to the signing team. So, the waiting game has begun for the Cowboys and Pettis. If no one signs him by June 20, he will be in San Antonio.

Wherever Pettis ends up, he will be a full-time wide receiver for the first time. He played receiver-cornerback with the Desperados. He played only cornerback in college. He played at the University of Houston before landing at Midwestern State.

Quote to Note: "He's one that has been very compliant and diligent in the off-season. He knows the deal. This weight deal really isn't too optional, particularly at his position. I would have a big concern if he wasn't able to get in to where we think that he could have enough stamina to play and play efficiently. There's a lot of difference between standing on the sideline and going in there and carrying the ball two or three times, or four times or five times, or carrying it 10-12 times a game, and carrying it 25 every week for 16 weeks. It's a rare guy that can do that effectively for very long. That's why there's such a breakdown physically in that position." -- Bill Parcells on running back Troy Hambrick, who must lose 10 pounds before training camp.

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