Dantzler Staying on Defense?

Woody Dantzler began his Cowboys career as a running back last year. He was then moved back to his natural position at quarterback during the Cowboys' first mini-camp of 2003, and now it looks he'll play in the National Football League as a safety. What's the deal?

All of the moves are just an attempt by the Cowboys to find a way to keep Dantzler on the roster.

"I'm trying to figure out what else can he do part-time, to add to his value," said Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, who admitted Wednesday he is trying to find a way to keep Dantzler on the roster.

"He is smart and he is a good athlete. He's a diligent worker and he's willing to attempt anything you ask him to attempt, and he tries to do it with confidence. You like a guy like that and you try to find something for him to do, if you can."

The Cowboys don't know if he can play safety. They certainly don't know if he can tackle, but they do know he is a dazzling kick returner. Dantzler himself knows it will take more than that though to make the roster.

In fact, the last time he tackled someone was in 2001 against Virginia after throwing an interception.

"When you have to tackle, you have to switch to a different mentality, " said Dantzler who hasn't played defense since junior high in Orangeburg.

"Everything else in going to come with time. I've never played safety before. But it's all in adjustment period. If I keep at it, I'm going to be ready by the time the season starts. But the big question will be, 'Can he hit. Can he tackle?' Now, I haven't' done it in really forever. That's really the big question."

Knowing Woody Dantzler, he'll do just fine at whichever position Bill Parcells wants him to play.

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