Early tests await Cowboys

Jason Witten is excited about the prospects of opening the season on the road against the rival New York Giants.

The Cowboys have unfinished business with the Giants after being swept by them last season en route to New York winning the NFC East title and eventually the Super Bowl.

Witten said the Cowboys can have the same success as the Giants in 2012 and hope to kickoff on the season opener.

"You see that schedule knowing we're going to open up (in New York) against the defending champs ... what else do you need to motivate yourself?" Witten said.

"It's time to do that. I think guys understand that. They've been around here and know to forget everything else and let's go be our best and play great football. There're going to be times when you lose, but you've got to be able to address it and get better. Hopefully we can hang our hats on that. We've got the right type of guys that can lead us to have the same kind of success that we've seen the Giants have."

--Quarterback Tony Romo and his wife Candice had a baby April 8, weighing eight pounds and eight ounces.

--Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman started quite a stir a couple of weeks ago when he said that Tony Romo was a better quarterback than he ever was. It drew negative responses from across the football world, including Chargers coach Norv Turner and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Asked about the reaction he received, Aikman said, "More than anticipated, certainly. But am I surprised by the reaction? No, not really. I don't think the statement warranted the response that I got."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "From a quarterback's perspective, you just assume that they're always trying to get big hits on you. I mean, it's no different than we played, I want to say Washington, after I broke my ribs and a big emphasis that week was probably trying to hit me hard. I don't know if that's any different from that perspective.

"Now, I do agree that there's no spot in the game basically for extra incentive money-wise. I think that people are trying to win the game; they're trying to do just what they need to do within the rules. I think that Roger Goodell has done a great job of just handling all the situations and coming down on some of the people that were involved. Some of it seems very harsh, and others not so much. Just part of it." -- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on bounties

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