Musical Chairs at Quarterback?

SilverStarDigest has learned about some interesting developments regarding the future of Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter as the Cowboys head into training camp this summer. Could Bill Parcells be at the point that both signal callers see the field in 2003?

Publicly, all of the news that has been out of Valley Ranch this offseason regarding the Cowboys' situation at quarterback has been relatively stable.

From what the average person reads and hears, Chad Hutchinson and Quincy Carter have seemingly done just enough to keep things status headed into training camp.


Wait just one second. According to a very reliable league source, new head coach Bill Parcells hasn't been as pleased as some people in the media have suggested.

Chad Hutchinson has the clear edge entering training camp, however, don't be surprised to see both quarterbacks on the field in 2003 should the offense continue to struggle.
"The quarterback situation in Dallas is not what Coach Parcells is happy with. The suggestion that either Quincy Carter or the raw inexperienced Chad Hutchinson is the answer heading into 2003 season does not sit well with Parcells," a league source said earlier Thursday.

"At the present time, Parcells is leaning toward Hutchinson heading into training camp, based on the mini-camp work put in and the ever-present 'gut' feeling that he puts into every decision he makes regarding the game."

Here's where things get interesting.

While there has been little doubt that Chad Hutchinson will ultimately beat out Quincy Carter for the starting quarterback position next season, there is another very intriguing idea evolving at Valley Ranch Headquarters in Irving.

"While the Cowboys as an organization believe that Hutchinson has the physical makeup to be a quarterback similar to Vinny Testaverde, Parcells has been reserved and rather skeptical about the comparison," added the source.

"The worst case scenario is what Parcells is planning for, which is that he will be forced to play musical quarterbacks this upcoming season."

The worst-case scenario is certainly something that hasn't been brought up before, but what else can you expect from Bill Parcells?

He's proven time and time again that he's willing to do whatever it takes to make his team succeed, even if that means that both Quincy and Chad will see the field in 2003.

SilverStarDigest has been given more information regarding this story, but we do not yet have the green light to release it. Please stay tuned for more updates, as we receive them.

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