Glenn Can Handle Parcells...Now

It's no coincidence that receiver Terry Glenn, tackle Ryan Young and running back Richie Anderson are with the Cowboys. Sure, they can play football and will be counted on for major contributions in 2003, but there's another reason they'll be wearing the silver and blue in 2003.

Their biggest value is their past relationship with Cowboys coach Bill Parcells and the belief that they will be able to spread Parcells' philosophy about life and football in the Cowboys locker room.

Glenn played for Parcells at New England, Young and Anderson played for Parcells with the Jets and all are bona fide Parcells' guys.

"He really got on me when I was a rookie, and it got to me," Glenn said. "But he's got a side to him that you like and can learn to love. The only time you see it is when you're working as hard as you can and reaching your best. That's why I'm here."

Glenn, Anderson and Ryan Young say the most demanding experience they've ever had in football was playing for Parcells. Yet all jumped at the chance to play for him again when the coach called to bring them to Dallas.

"I feel like when I played for him the first time, he brought the best out in me," Young said. "As a player, that's all you want."

Parcells has always brought players with him from team to team. When he coached New England, he signed David Meggett, who had played for him with the Giants. When he coached the Jets, he signed Curtis Martin, who played for him in New England, and Jumbo Elliott and Pepper Johnson, who played for him with the Giants.

So it was no surprise that Parcells would go looking for field generals who embody the things he covets in a player -- smarts, work ethic and talent.

"It's important for me to have guys like that -- smart, dedicated, productive football players who know what their job is," Parcells said.

The three players have become instant leaders in the Cowboys locker room and have already earned the respect of the incumbent players, who understand that they have been here before with Parcells.

That's why Glenn laughs at the Parcells' hazing of first-round pick Terence Newman, who must bring Parcells water during breaks.

Glenn has been there. Parcells once referred to him as "she" during a news conference when asked about his injury status.

"The top draft pick comes in making millions," Glenn said. "And there are guys on this team who have toiled for years and helped teams win who will never make that kind of money. So Coach Parcells has ways of keeping them level-headed."

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