Roster Spot Now in Jeopardy

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones said safety Keith Davis' spot on the training camp roster is indeed in jeopardy as a result of the June 29 incident at 2:20 a.m. outside a Dallas topless club. Davis suffered multiple gunshot wounds, twice in the left arm and once in the hip, by an unknown assailant.

Davis said he was coming to the aid of a friend, who had gotten in an argument at the Dallas Gentlemen's Club.

The Dallas Police Department is still investigating the shooting. No arrests have been made. He has since resumed his workouts at the team's Valley Ranch headquarters and is confident he will be ready when the Cowboys open camp in San Antonio July 25.

"Will he be ready for camp?" Jones queried. "It's like being cut on and being ready for camp in 30 days is a consideration. But I am more concerned about his actions. Keith Davis is a good guy. But I'd like him to be a good listener. He didn't have to put himself in that situation. Yes, he put his roster spot in jeopardy. He should be concerned. Everybody should start looking at their roster spot."

News that Davis' status on the team is now in question was a surprise to him and his agent Byron Boston.

According to Boston, "Davis has talked to several people in the Cowboys organization, including defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and all have been very supportive of him. Based on the circumstances, it would be real surprising to me if that's why he would be released," Boston said.

"We haven't heard anything like that. He will continue to prepare for training camp. Until we hear otherwise, he will continue working and he looks forward to making the team."

Boston said Davis hasn't experienced any problems since resuming his workouts and is back to running full speed and lifting weights as he did before the incident. Jones remains concerned about Davis' health, saying that it won't be easy for him to be ready for training camp.

However, he says he's mostly bothered by Davis' use of poor judgment, especially since the entire team was warned by coach Bill Parcells at the final mini camp in June to stay out of trouble and to avoid putting themselves in bad situations.

"This should serve as a real example," Jones said. "What you shouldn't be doing is exposing yourself to these situations. It's what we told them before they left last mini camp. It wasn't a good message to send because all the players were told to stay away from these situations."

Making the situation even dicier is the fact that the Cowboys have to make three cuts before training cut.

One will likely be at receiver, where the team has 11 on the roster. Deep snapper Jeff Grau is also a possibility, considering the team is committed to using tight end Jeff Robinson at deep snapper.

But Davis has now put a target on his back for the other spot, since cutting him could serve as a wake up call for the rest of the team that Jones and Parcells mean business in 2003.

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