Banks, Carter, and the Wright Stuff

Dave Campo has a problem. He finds himself with three dates to the Prom and can't decide which is best suited for the 2001/2002 season. The Post-Aikman era has descended on Wichita Falls and a seasoned veteran, a young gun, and a rookie vie to replace the Legend that Troy built.

Recently from the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, Tony Banks has moved his career to Dallas. Signed for a one-year deal at back-up wages, he is attempting to show the league he possesses the skills to lead a team.

Early reports indicate Banks is struggling with timing patterns. Compounded by his groin injury Banks has missed some practice time. His take on the reason for the injury is interesting.

"I never really had any groin problems," Banks said. "But these are different drops here. They quicken up my steps more than what I've been used to in the past."

Campo expressed his thoughts on the injury to Banks by saying, "That's a new one on me."

However, Jack Reilly has seen this type of injury before as quarterbacks learn his timing based offense. Speaking about Drew Bledsoe and Scott Zolak, "They just recovered real quick. It's a different movement that they have. When they speed up their drop, it seems to irritate the inside of their leg.

Yet Banks has spent extra time working with Emmitt Smith and Joey Galloway. They have stayed after practice so Banks can get his timing down. While a critic of the offense initially, Banks has been won over.

"I think it causes less strain on my elbow," Banks said. "Before, I would wait until a receiver came open and then really fire the ball. There's a little less stress now."

Quincy Carter, the quarterback selected in the second round of this years draft is trying to make the transition from college to the pros.

"I ran a similar offense in college (Georgia). A couple wrinkles I might have problems with, but for the most part I just want to improve every time I step out here," Carter said.

His improvement is coming in spurts. New reads and an adjustment in mechanics cause Quincy to be inconsistent. Yet that is to be expected from a rookie handling a pro offense for the first time.

"Wade Wilson is doing a great job of working with the young quarterbacks," Campo said. "We're telling him (Carter) that the better he reads, the easier it'll be to use good technique."

Carter's attitude is positive and he takes advice where he can get it.

"I'm just getting my feet wet," Carter said. "Emmitt (Smith) told me to quit being so mechanical all the time and just go out and throw the football. When a guy like that, who is going after a record like he is, tells you something then you want to listen."

The real star at quarterback thus far has been second year man, Anthony Wright. His rocket-arm and leadership ability along with an aggressive off-season program of weights and study have caused serious consideration of the product from South Carolina.

"The main thing I've liked the most about Anthony has been his resiliency and his work habits," Cowboys quarterback coach Wade Wilson said.

Still, fighting for the starting position is tough. With Banks experience as a starter and Carter's tag as the future, Wright has to work harder to steal his moment.

"I always feel positive," Wright said. "I always feel like I can go out there and do anything that's capable of being done."

But can Wright take a position away from the incumbent Tony Banks, so deigned by Jerry Jones? Wright surely sets his sights on the starting job and more.

"I have plenty of goals," he said. "Obviously, I want to be a starter. I want to be the starter to take us to the playoffs, and eventually the Super Bowl."

"He's extremely smart," Wilson said. "He doesn't just depend on one aspect of his game physically. He's so involved, his preparation is good, his footwork is good. So it's hard to pin down just one thing he does well physically."

"I'm just trying to make the best of my opportunity," Wright said. "With every opportunity I get, I'm just trying to show the staff that, hey, I can run this team."

But impressing the quarterbacks coach and gaining the starters position are two distinctly different issues. All three signal callers have yet to distance themselves from the pack. But Campo doesn't seem overly concerned.

"At this point right now, rather than go individually, I would say that I'm a little concerned as far as consistency when it comes to all three of the guys," Campo said. "I think we still need to be more consistent. There are 44 or so more days before we open up, so there's a lot of time."

Yet at this point Wilson likes Wright's play.

"I think Anthony, at this stage, has the best grasp of the offense," Wilson said. "He has been solid in all of his throws. Mechanically, he's probably the soundest of the four quarterbacks right now. He has done everything we've asked him to do."

But the real test starts Saturday in the pre-season game with the Raiders.

"It's a definite competitive situation between all the guys," Wilson added. "What usually shakes out is when they get into a real game situation, not a controlled environment like we have here at practice, that's usually when someone will rise above the others."

Tony Banks will play little more than a quarter against the Raiders. Due to the results of a coin toss Quincy Carter will take the second quarter and Wright the third. Long shot Clint Stoerner will get a look in the fourth.

Campo indicated nothing should be read into Carter starting ahead of Wright.

"That's a week-to-week thing. Next week it might be Anthony (Wright) coming in. But Campo did praise Wright for looking the best of the four quarterbacks the previous day.

"I want guys who make plays and I told them today - I don't care if you're first, second, third or fourth (team), whatever you are…"Campo said.

The first Prom night is set for September 9th. Which quarterback will be the choice of Campo will be determined between now and then.

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