Focus on Bowl, Not on Coaching Change

Players react to the resignation of Tommy Tuberville.

Since the news of Tommy Tuberville leaving Texas Tech has come out, members of the Red Raider football team have taken to twitter.

Tech senior quarterback Seth Doege, who just completed his second season under Tuberville said the focus is not on this situation, but looking towards the future.

"Regardless the situation we still have a bowl game to WIN," he said in a tweet. "We have great leadership that will continue to push this team forward."

This is the second head coach for the Red Raiders in the past four seasons. Other coaching changes have been at the defensive coordinator position, four in the last four seasons.

For senior D.J. Johnson, who has gone through all those different coordinators in his time at Tech and said via social media he is more worried about the underclassmen and juniors at Tech that have to go through yet another coaching change.

"Crazy!! Praying for the young boys, hate they gotta go through it again," he said. "I been there plenty times. Gotta keep grinding though!"

Tech will clear up a lot of questions during a 4:30 p.m. press conference today on who will take over this football in an interim position moving forward towards the Red Raiders appearance in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas against Minnesota on December 28 in Houston.

 But Doege said the goal is to win the bowl game and that's it.

"It's about us right now and once we WIN this bowl game everything else will take care of itself," he said via twitter.

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