Goodwin Clocks Fastest 40 Since Johnson

Marquise Goodwin went into the NFL Scouting Combine with the goal of running the fastest official 40-yard dash in history.

That meant his sights were set on Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson, who blazed out a scoring 4.24-second 40-yard dash in 2008. For most, hitting that kind of time is a pipe dream. But Goodwin spent 2012 as college football's fastest player, an Olympic long-jumper who had sub-10.3 100-meter dashes to his credit.

And for a few minutes between Goodwin's run Sunday and the time it took to release the "official times," it appeared that Goodwin was right there with Johnson.

The wide receiver ripped a 4.25 40 unofficially and knew that he was fast, saluting and blowing a kiss immediately after finishing the 40-yard distance. And while Goodwin's official mark fell a few hundredths of a second short — 4.27 seconds — he was easily the fastest runner of the day, ahead of three other runners who hit 4.34 seconds. Goodwin's time was the fastest since Johnson's burst.

Goodwin also put together one of the day's best broad jumps, with his 11-foot distance ranked second among the day's wide receivers. Goodwin didn't do as well in the bench press, though his 13 repetitions were certainly respectable for a smaller slot receiver. Goodwin measured in at 5-foot-9 and 183 pounds.

Per, Goodwin did not compete in the other events.

Now, the trick will be convincing NFL scouts, coaches and front office types that he's more football player than athlete.

Goodwin touched the ball 39 times on offense for the Longhorns in 2012 (25 catches and 14 rushes), producing 480 yards (12.3 yards per touch) and six touchdowns. In his last two years at Texas, Goodwin had 58 catches for 720 yards (12.4 yards per catch) and five touchdowns while rushing 36 times for another 401 yards (11.1 yards per rush) and three rushing touchdowns.

Per, if Goodwin shows out well as a receiver, he could merit some Day Two looks. Rounds Two and Three take place on the draft's second day.

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