Sanchez's name pops up in Revis trade rumors

Find out whether Gang Green should pull the trigger on a potential deal that would send Sanchez packing out of New York.

Still fielding trade offers for one of the greatest players in the franchise's history, the New York Jets are rumored to be looking to include one of their most embattled starters.

Pro Football Talk first reported a trade scenario that would send Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay and include quarterback Mark Sanchez as part of the package. The report doesn't give any indication as to who initiated the addition of Sanchez's name to the trade talks but it's more than likely that the Jets pushed hard for Sanchez's inclusion in the trade.

Sanchez comes into the season with a guaranteed base salary of $8.23 million, which is one of the reasons why he still remains in a Jets' uniform.

This story and report has a bit more bearing considering the news that has come out of Buccaneers camp that coach Greg Schiano isn't all that enamored with current quarterback Josh Freeman. If included in a trade, Sanchez would presumably be put into some sort of quarterback competition with Josh Freeman.

Granted, we would have to know the entire parameters of any possible trade with Revis, but I think it would be a steal if the Jets would be able to include Sanchez in a deal. A snapshot of the Jets' salary cap situation has led to the front office parting ways with loaded contracts to create more financial flexibility. If Gang Green can unload Sanchez they would have more salary cap room going into 2013 and even use that extra space to make improvements both short-term and long-term.

The move would give the Jets more leeway at the quarterback position and give them the chance to evaluate younger, future signal-callers. The Jets could take a chance on a quarterback that they like in the later rounds of the draft and put him in a competition with both David Garrard and Greg McElroy rather than hope for a Sanchez revitalization.

The quarterback class of 2014 has a lot more potential than the crop of quarterbacks in this year's draft, so it would make sense for the Jets to improve in other areas and set a strong foundation and supporting cast for a future franchise gunslinger. Shedding some much needed cap space for that future wouldn't be a bad start for a Jets team in full fledge rebuilding mode.

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