Giants' secondary with a tall order ahead

The New York Giants biggest weakness the past few years have been the play of their defensive secondary unit. A unit that has been picked apart the past few seasons, now looks like a stronger group after a playing well in the opener against the Dallas Cowboys. Now the Giants secondary will have the huge task of defending future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

This week for the New York Giants defense has been very interesting to say the least. All week, Big Blue defensive and its defensive coaching staff, have been trying hard to come up with a solid game plan to stop Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos high octane offense. The biggest challenge this week though, has fallen on the Giants' defensive secondary unit, who will need to find a way to stop the aerial attack of Peyton and the Broncos talented receivers.

On the task of game planning for Peyton Manning and the Denver offense, Giants safety Ryan Mundy understands the challenge ahead.

"The past 15 years, however long he's been in the league, he's always been thought of as one of the top two, three quarterbacks in the league," noted Mundy. "He's well-respected and has every accolade known to a quarterback. You've to go to in there and prepare."

The Giants secondary unit, which has been their Achilles heel the past few seasons, but played well in their season opener against the Dallas Cowboys, and are ready for the challenge ahead of playing Peyton Manning.

At the end of the day though, the its not just the Giants secondary who has the toughest job of game planning for Denver, but it's a task that whole defensive unit must plan for as well.

"Well, it's always about the entire defense, no matter if we're playing an explosive quarterback, running back or wide receiver," said Mundy. "We all work together as 11 on the field, so like I said, we've just got to be disciplined. Whatever coach Fewell calls we've got to go out and execute."

A way the Giants defense can defend Peyton is by talking to their quarterback and Peyton's little brother Eli Manning on Peyton's tendencies and weaknesses. Mundy is open to getting advice from Eli on Peyton.

"Go to him, try to get some tips and insight but, you know, I think you've just got to study film and let the film talk to you and what you see on the film is what you're going to get on Sunday."

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