Geno Smith starting to turn the corner

Rookie quarterback Geno Smith took a major step forward in Week 9 by not turning the ball over to the opposition and taking what the Saints' defense gave him. While the final stat sheet won't tell the whole story, Smith's smart approach helped the Jets pull out a surprise win at MetLife Stadium.

Jets fans were hoping that the lopsided loss last week to the Cincinnati Bengals wasn't going to knock down Geno Smith's confidence for their next game against the New Orleans Saints; rest assured that the rookie hasn't lost his swagger and helped lead the Jets to a 26-20 victory on Sunday.

The way that we played last week, I don't think that is reflective of the type of team that we are. (I am not taking anything) away from the opponent last weekend, I hate to go back to that, but it's always good to get back out on the field and kind of put those things behind you, that bad taste that you have in your mouth, you've got to put it behind you," said Smith. "To go up against another good team and to get a victory, I think is a big boost for the team."

While it was the defense for the Jets that ultimately won this game, you really have to say that Smith did everything the right way in this game when it comes to eliminating turnovers and making smart decisions.

"I think I did a pretty good job of managing situations, not trying to force the ball, knowing when to tuck the ball and run, knowing when to get the ball out of my hands versus the pressure look or even throw it away," noted Smith.

Smith never turned the ball over, he protected the football when he was pressured, threw the ball away when there was no one open down the field. He kept on handing the ball to his running backs and when he was able to throw the ball down the field, he put his receivers in good positions to make the catches.

Smith is turning more and more into a solid quarterback in this league. He has caught up to the speed of the NFL and he has been very active when he needs to take the ball and go for the first down or a possible scoring opportunity.

When the Jets made their second interception of the game it was Smith who was knocking on the door at the Saints' end zone. After a Zach Sudfeld 21-yard catch on a Wildcat play, it was 1st-and-goal on the Saints' three-yard line and Smith made a hard cut to avoid the defender and ran it inside the end zone for another score.

"It was actually Nick's (Mangold) idea," said Smith of his third quarter touchdown run. "He saw something on the D-line so he relayed it to Marty (Mornhinweg) and Marty relayed it to me and then (I) had an opportunity to score there right before the half and kind of tried to stretch the play. We did a great job at obviously running it and (I) just cut back, got into the end zone."

What we are seeing right now is a young and exciting player that has a future in the NFL as a fresh face in the quarterback department. Right now Geno Smith is doing things the right way and the smart way for the Jets and himself.

"Guys are going to continue to work hard and I know we're going to improve because the consistency, which is something that I think we've been lacking, is starting to get there."

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