Antrel Rolle: Loss to Cowboys 'hurts'

New York Giants' safety Antrel Rolle spoke with reporters about the disappointing loss against the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday

After securing four straight win after an 0-6 start to the season, the New York Giants fell to 4-7 following a 24-21 loss to the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday. After tying it up in the fourth quarter, the Giants had a strong opposition to the Dallas offense, but ultimately gave up a field goal in the final seconds. Giants' safety Antrel Rolle simply stated"It's frustrating."

The Giants' defense stayed strong all day, and many expected them to stay that way up until the final moments of the game.

"It's frustrating to know that we were kind of holding them the way we wanted to hold them," said Rolle postgame. "We played some good defense throughout the course of the game. I don't think anything was pretty at all times on either side of the ball."

This was a crucial game for the Giants on many levels. For one, their spot in the NFC East has dropped. Second, their chances for playoff contention are practically out of reach. And last but not least, it could possibly put a grinding halt to their recent momentum.

"There's no doubt about it that it hurts," stated Rolle. "We can't hang our head on this loss. We've still got five more games to play, we've just got to rally up, just keep doing what we've been doing the past five weeks. I think our preparation was good, I think our execution was pretty good."

This game also came with some losses on the defense, including Giants' cornerback, Trumaine McBride, leaving Rolle to cover Cowboy's wide receiver, Dez Bryant.

"I can't say I was at my best with my craft, with my press technique," noted Rolle. "They were trying to run pick routes, in cover two they were trying to hit the middle, slant. At certain times I think I was a little too antsy in my press technique being that I haven't really been working down there for the last five or six weeks. They were able to slip me. Miles Austin caught a pass and then caught a pass to end the game but there are no more excuses. You've got to make the plays and we just came up a little short."

Overall, it came down to a lackluster performance by the Giants and another exceptional one by Tony Romo and his offense.

"You have to give your hat to them, I think Tony made some exceptional throws and I think Dez did a great job in holding onto the ball even when I was punching at it," said Rolle.

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