Cowboys Brent Back - With 10-Game Suspension

IRVING - Erstwhile Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent is being given a chance to resume his NFL - but only after he serves a 10-game suspension handed down Tuesday by commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Dallas Cowboys have maintained a bond with Josh Brent even though this most tumultuous time; sources tell CowboysHQ that the Jones family helped him get a job in a Cowboys-owned warehouse during his time away from football -- time created, of course, by his intoxication manslaughter charge and conviction in the 2012 death of teammate Jerry Brown.

And the bond is a normal and natural thing, as I noted in looking back on Michael Irvin's trial and Troy Aikman's support of his friend.

Now the Brent bond continues with stipulations detailed by the NFL:

Brent can't be involved in team activities for the first six weeks, must avoid any "adverse involvement with law enforcement," and will be without pay for the 10 weeks of suspension.

I've been asked along whether 10 games is "too much'' or "too little,'' and I hope Josh Brent, when he contemplates that same question, arrives at the same place I'm at here:

There is no "too much'' or "too little'' for Josh Brent to concern himself with. He should simply start by feeling lucky to be alive.

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